Wednesday, September 19, 2018

5e: Phylactery Shenanigans

I sadly missed this past week's session, but thankfully one of my fellow players wrote this up!

Ten month, 14th day, 1698,
To the Honorable Great Lord and Master of Lost Arcana, Nilrem,

As requested my lord, find the most recent translation of the journals from the excavated ruins in Neverwinter attached. This journal belonged to a monk called Joda, who lived almost five-hundred years ago. Comments in italics are mine. Additional translations of legible entries are forthcoming, and after, the manuscript will be submitted to restoration, so that additional entries may be retrieved.

The Entry Begins...

We were in an incredibly large cave or chamber. In truth, it was so large, I could barely see the ceiling. The room itself was big enough for two Thunderball courts (a court was sized at 75x150 so this cavern may be 150x300 feet --ed). There were four large sarcophagi placed in the room and one can only wonder what was inside (we think this was sarcasm --ed).

Hilde, bellying her barbarian stereotype, remembered the magic glue we had. Bran knew what its true name but whatever. We had enough to glue three of the sarcophagi shut. The fourth, well, we'll find out when we find out.

We passed through two large adamantium doors and into the library. There were shelves, and shelves, and rows and rows, of scrolls and rare manuscripts. Oh, if only Fulhoff and Journey were here; they would have truly enjoyed this room, but perhaps not for very long. As it was, Bran quickly started going through and touching everything. Including, unknowingly, the phylactery.

I think a trap was triggered when the phylactery was touched, or perhaps when it broke for Bran dropped it. Regardless, the room started to shake and tremble. cracks in the floors and walls appeared, and large chunks of rock started to fall from the ceiling. We ran.

Back into the sarcophagi room and sure enough the unglued sarcophagus had a giant skeleton rising from it (we think this was the skeleton of an actual giant, as opposed to a figurative giant skeleton. --ed). Even worse, a huge pounding sound was coming from the other sarcophagi. Then the lid broke and the other giant skeleton started to stand. Bran became a bird. Hilde picked up the unconscious mercenary and ran for it. I did my best to attack and distract the skeletons.

We did not make it through unscathed. But we outran the skeletons and made it into the mountain caverns. Bran remembered the way in the maze as we made our way out. We were badly hurt as the mountain continued to fall all around us. We constantly fell and the injuries mounted up, and then, the mountain opened up and we were on the edge of a cliff face. The mountain continued to crumble behind us.

The Fan of the Skye Rune became a cloud carpet. We were barely upon it and away before the cliff face collapsed. Bran took that moment to tell us that even though the Phylactery was destroyed, the Lich still lived! Fuck! (My lord, please forgive the crude language --ed.)

We returned to Mirabar to find the noble houses cured. Apparently, Fulhoff's ceremonial ritual was enough to break the curse. He is so smart! And the noble houses were so grateful. Bran said he has not seen this much platinum in his entire life.

We, of course, returned to xxxx (the name was not legible --ed) shop of curiosities where I found Gloves of Ogre Strength. Not only do they give me great strength but my arms now look like...

The rest of the entry is torn and not legible. However, we are working on other parts of the journal, which look promising and additional entries may be available soon.

With great respect and honor,
Weno, Archiver of the Seventh Circle

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