Monday, April 4, 2022

Bones Kobolds

A long time ago I picked up some minis from Reaper made out of thise new "bones" material, and decided to see how they worked. Out of that initial set were some kobolds that I used to experiment on with some different paints. 

Now, years later I'm back to painting kobolds. These are new sculpts from Reaper Minis from their Bones V kickstarter. I picked these 4 mooks to work on. And again, I primed half of them. This time I used a sample airbrush primer that was an orange color.

Aside from the fact that it did seem to help keep paint from rubbing off a bit, I actually found that I preferred the unprimed figures. 

I did sadly neglect to take a pic of the new kobolds with the old, but when I get a few more painted up I'll do that. 

Colors used include:

  • Walnut Brown
  • Kobold Scale
  • Dragon Green
  • Nut Brown
  • Shadowed Steel
  • Yellowed Bone
  • Pure Black and Pure White

Saturday, April 2, 2022

March '22 in Review

Fun things to do in the middle of a pandemic:
Find and buy a house (in progress)
Find a new job (successful!)
Quit your old job (last day is Friday)
Start Packing

Unfortunately that hasn’t left a lot of time for blogging. I also managed to catch a horrendous cold that knocked me on my ass for over a week. (not COVID, I checked)

What do the players do when they stumble into the lair of a dragon? Run away and bother the mountain trolls! Then almost get smashed by the mountain trolls cause they didn't realize how big a lair it was and how many of them there are. 

I also finished a game I got on Epic Games called Rebel Galaxy, and have been playing my way through Torchlight 2.

Not the most productive front on the mini painting side of things either, but I did manage to finish up a few things.

Star Trek DS9 - Finished
Babylon 5 (season 4)
Star Trek Picard S2
Star Trek Discovery S4 Finished
Turning Red
Venom 2
Spiderman No Way Home

Goals - keeping it really simple this month. Survive the closing, the car buying, the moving...