Thursday, December 27, 2018

Minis Wrap Up 2018

With the end of the year approaching I wanted to take stock of what I’d managed to accomplish. Last year I put out every mini I’d painted, and it was really cool to see them all set up like that. I honestly don’t get too many occasions to play with my minis these days, so I decided to do it again.

Now, a fair bit of what got painted up this year was terrain, which visually bulks up the total, but there’s also some things missing. I gave away more minis this year than ever before, including a dragon.

I gave away a DRAGON!

And also the adventurers that defeated it. Now not all of them were painted this year, but but still..

Then the “gargoyles” (various statues, gargoyles, angels, and demons). They were painted, but... I feel a little bad counting them.

In total I've painted 120 minis this year (plus the fences). This is probably my most productive year since I last painted whole units of figures for the LoTR game, and maybe even better than those years.

I’m pretty happy with my progress, both in the number of minis I’ve painted, and also (overall) in their quality. Granted most of them are tabletop quality, but the minis I’ve really focused on, I’ve upped my game a bit. Definite progress in increasing my base skill level.

Interestingly, I only painted a single sci-fi mini this year. Otherwise it's mostly Reaper Bones, a bit of Frostgrave, and a couple of D&D minis.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

5e: Frosty's Harsh Winter

Frosty's Harsh Winter is a 5e adventure scaled for a party of 8th-9th level characters.

I was inspired by a Frosty the Snowman is a Lich article I saw, and then I rewatched the original cartoon movie, and things just spiraled out of control from there.

I ran it a few weeks ago for my local group, and they had a blast. Sadly I didn't take any pictures, but I hope this one will be a little inspiring, and helpful in running it.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday season!

And if you're good, I'll give you all a new adventure...

by Gloom82

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Daredevil, Season 3

Yet again, another MCU Netflix show bites the dust after a great season. Because it took me a while to finish Iron Fist, I’d only just started DD when the ax fell, which had me draw out watching it, rather than binging it. Still waiting on news of Jessica Jones and the Punisher getting canceled, but I have little doubt at this point that it’s coming. I’m not even sure we’ll get to see Punisher season 2 at this point. But this... this was a season to be remembered.

The best thing about this season is that it’s all about Fisk, who is, hands down, the best Marvel villain to appear on screen. He seriously is the best, scariest, smartest antagonist out there, and without any superpower beyond being 6+ steps ahead of everyone else. Seeing how well he manipulates everyone, even… especially Daredevil is kinda terrifying to watch. And watching Matt, Foggy, and Karen all desperately try to merely survive it makes for some compelling viewing.

They also introduced Bullseye this season, and what an exceptional way to do it. My only exposure to him was from the horrible movie, and this... this was great.

Having just finished watching the last episode... If this is actually the last season, this was a good way to end it. It was tight.

I still wish there was gonna be more, because it really is so good. At least it didn't have me screaming like Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

5e: Doom of the Desert

From: Sir Fulhoff of Clan Balderk, Knight of Hawk’s Nest, War Mage
To: Helja and Adrik of Clan Balderk

Mother and Father:

Aside from the holes in the ground, there were a trio of stairs heading down from the amphitheater under the sand and stone surface. Knowing we didn’t have time for a rest, we downed some healing potions, squared our shoulders, and headed down to face the dragon in her lair.

The disturbingly tight quarters were littered with sand mounds making moving a chore, and the sound of chanting coming off from one of the passages heralded something unpleasant. Turning a tight corner, we spotted some Yuan-Ti performing a ritual, and as we watched one promptly tossed itself into a hole. Abyssal voices echoed out of the hole. Knowing that there was absolutely nothing good to come from that, I used one of my precious spells and invoked a Carpet of Radiant Light right over the hole. It neatly divided the room in half, with the cultists primarily on one side and us on the other.

Unfortunately, from our limited point of view, we didn’t see all of the other cultists that were on our side of the Wall of Light. And again, because of the tight quarters, it was difficult to get everyone through the archway in any sort of order or speed. So while Hilda was hacking away at the cultists (and spotting Harshnag tied up), we were all poorly positioned when Iymrith burrowed her head out of the sandstone walls and let loose a lightning bolt that puts any I’ve ever cast to shame. The static energy of it all also blew the sand up, temporarily blinding us.

Thorin, having been stuck in the back, avoided both the sand and the lightning bolt, and shot his crossbow past those of us wiping our eyes, and Bran who had become encased in ice. The bolt flew true, striking Iymrith in the snout. King Hekaton broke off a chunk of the wall and threw it into Iymrith’s face. The stone shattered on her head, and she roared in annoyance. I used the power of the wall to blast her, the radiance blasting her scales. Her majesty and power washed through the chamber like a wave, and we realized the danger we were in. She then slipped back unto the sandy walls and out of sight. The shortened carpet of light opened a path for the cultists to slip through, but Aramil hypnotized them, and they stood dumbly watching the fight.

Hilda was slowly chopping her way through the snakemen, slipping in the sand as she tried to position herself to keep them from slipping away. Bran reached into his bag and tossed a wild boar into the sand, and then ordered it to help Hilda. Harshnag finally had broken out of his binds, and got to his feet. Joda ran up along the walls, kicking cultists as he went. The wall burst open and Joda avoided getting snapped in half. Unfortunately his blows went wide, but Harshnag made up for it, coming around the corner swinging his ax, and biting deep into her shoulder.

Hoping that they could handle it, I tossed a fireball into the corner where Iymrith was battling Joda and Harshnag. They all took it, and no one looked happy about it. “Sorry!” I called lamely as Iymrith again burrowed away.

Thorin, feeling the fear of the dragon, kept out of the corner, but picked a large mound of sand that mostly filled another doorway to give him a clear view of the battle. It also gave him a view of a pile of treasure. Rin, eyes still watering from the sand stumbled toward Thorin’s exclamation of “Treasure!” He crested the mound, and then slipped down the other side, disturbing the treasure’s guardians, air elementals! The coin laiden whirlwinds slammed into Thorin and Rin, buffeting them both. And then Iymrith burst out of the wall, and launched herself at Thorin! Bleeding and bloody from the elementals already, he was clawed and knocked to the ground. Iymrith then hopped over to do the same to Rin.

That she didn’t wait to make sure Thorin was dead is pure luck…

The cultists were finally cut down, and Hilda decided to toss the bag of beans she’s acquired a while back into the abyssal hole. Not the choice I’d have made. I dismissed the carpet of light, and cast mirror image on myself, running toward the sand mound blocking my line of sight. Heckaton cut me off, practically running through the pile of sand, shoving past Thorin, Rin, and the elementals right up into Iymrith’s face. The beans apparently found something worth growing in, and the crown of a great fruit tree popped out of the hole, the trunk basically filling it. Among the branches were a couple dozen large schnozberries.

Cresting what was left of the mound, I caught sight of the dragon, and caused a blast of Synaptic Static to wash over her and one of the elementals. I’m thankful I didn’t have to drop it on the King of the Giants… She spasmed, then shook off the effect, snarled at me, and began to summon an ice storm. Reacting as best I could I countered her spell… only just. Even still, a coating of rime ice formed over my hands. Hekaton used her distraction to hack into her.

Thorin somehow managed to get a second wind, and attacked the air elemental that whirled around him, sending coins flying. Rin, finally getting the sand out of his eyes did the same. Iymrith didn’t stick around to let Hekaton carve her up. She teleported away, and I couldn’t stop her.

Amazingly, she teleported back into the other chamber! She appeared next to Hilda (who had suddenly grown younger) as she was just wiping the juice of the schnozberry from her lips. Dropping the fruit, she flung her blade out at the dragon while Harshnag threw a stone at her. Bran’s shadow weapon stretched out into a hunting pike and he charged right into Iymrith, the shadow sinking in deep.

The shock and anguish of her death howl quickly wheezed out as her lungs collapsed, the shadow energy blackening her blue and gold scales. She tried to grasp at the shadow weapon, but her claw just passed through it as she collapsed to the ground.

Hours later, after we’d passed around the healing potions, dug up the bulk of her hidden treasure, and shared hugs and nervous laughs, King Hekaton teleported us back to the Maelstrom.

Being feasted in honor by the entire court of the giants is something I’m sure Aramil will write songs about, if not an entire epic saga… I’ll make sure he sends a copy to the clan.

But I feel… Melancholy. My urge to celebrate wa quickly sated, and now I long to again walk the halls of our clan steading. I’m going to ask King Hekaton to send Thorin and I home. Well, once I can get Thorin and Aramil to stop collaborating… I’ll have to leave again when everyone decides they’re ready to again face Old Snarl. We do not want him coming to find us, but I think it is not an *urgent* task.

Tell aunt and uncle their son is coming home safe, famous, and rich. They’ll appreciate that. Oh, and your son is also coming home safe and rich, if less famous. See you soon.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Iron Fist season 2

Iron Fist - Season 2

Sadly I finished watching this excellent season just as it was announced that Netflix was canceling it and Luke Cage, which kind of put a damper on getting my review written. And it’s a real shame, because this was such an improvement over the first season, especially for Danny, who, let’s be real here, was probably the single worst character to come out of Marvel’s netflix shows. I’m not even just talking main characters here. Danny was a train wreck of a character.

Spoilers below

One thing that the Netflix shows have done an excellent job of is character development. Everyone has a story arc, everyone grows and changes. Danny, after returning to NYC as the Iron Fist goes through a lot in season 1 and in the Defenders. And in season 2 we can see that it’s had an effect. He’s a bit more mature, but still struggling, and a bit afraid of his power controlling him. Like Luke Cage he’s struggling with the gangs, and you can see that he’s very clearly doing his best not to set himself up as the defacto kingpin.

However that hesitancy to use the Fist’s full power is one of Davos’ major issues with Danny. And when he steals the Fist from Danny, he starts using it indiscriminately. Davos is a remarkably sympathetic antagonist, far more in the mold of anti-hero rather than villain. He’s grieving the loss of everyone he’s ever loved, his home, and the feeling of betrayal by Danny. Honestly Davos mirrors Danny’s journey in a way that looking back should have been more obvious to me before sitting down to write this.

Colleen Wing’s journey this season begins with her having put up the sword, and trying to live a life of peace. Hard to do with the Immortal Iron Fist as her live in boyfriend, and she keeps getting dragged back in. There’s also a fun subplot with her family that helps push along the season to its conclusion.

The Meechums… Ho-boy… These two very damaged people both looking to reinvent themselves and going about it in conflicting ways.

Ward is doing all the things you’re supposed to do on the road to recovery, trying to deal with the myriad of issues he has in his life while also running Rand Corp. Except, of course, he’s fucking it up (in part by hooking up with his sponsor).He’s desperate to reconnect with his sister. He’s still incredibly selfish, which Joy is happy to point out, but he’s trying. He is, I think, the most sympathetic character of the series.

Joy, teaming up with Davos, is out to hurt Danny, and wants nothing to do with her brother. Some of the best scenes with her revolve around the dinner at Colleen’s apartment. It was so delightfully forced and awkward. More like a scene out of a comedy of manners than something out of a superhero tv show! It was so incredibly uncomfortable for all of the characters for all of their different reasons. By the end of the season the anger she’d been nursing and the danger she’d been courting have run their course. Where she’ll go from there will be interesting to see. Or it would have if the show hadn’t been canceled.

Joy hired Walker (aka Typhoid Mary) to help Davos steal the Fist. Played by Alice Eve (who I know as Dr. Carol Marcus from Star Trek Into Darkness) she does a fantastic job playing both Mary the sweet artist, and Walker the cold ex-special forces killer. Typhoid Mary is yet another character I’m unfamiliar with, but this version fits in really well with the rest of the street level characters.

Things get really interesting as the season progresses. Danny without his power, Colleen conflicted, Misty pushing Colleen to work with her, Joy getting what she’d planned, and it not working out like she thought… Then things get CRAZY, as Colleen gets the Fist, while Davos ALSO has the fist… and then that ending. Again, just like Luke Cage, the last few minutes of the season put it over the top.

It’s a crime that we doesn’t get to see Danny and Ward out on their quest, see Colleen and Misty cleaning up the streets…

Thursday, December 13, 2018

This is the end...

These notebooks contains the notes from just about every session of Stonehell that I’ve run (on the left) and the Storm King’s Thunder game (on the right).

They’re full. It’s a strange milestone to have reached, especially as Stonehell is still going, with our 84th session scheduled for this weekend, and SKT have a couple of sessions left.

I’ve actually been fortunate lately to have been in several long lasting games. Starting with my Weird New World 5e game, Stonehell, My Brooklyn 5e game, and Storm King’s Thunder, The last several years have been exceptional for gaming and story creation. Except for Stonehell, which is still ongoing, the other campaigns have all come to a natural conclusion (or in the case of Storm King’s Thunder is in the process of wrapping up).

Honestly, I’m blown away thinking about it. In all my years of playing and running D&D, I’ve never seen campaigns run like this. From the time I started playing until relatively recently, games start, everyone is excited, and then.. They just kinda peter out and people get excited about the next game they want to play. Games that run for a couple of weeks, or at best a few months, before switching to something else were the norm. From my school days to the flailsnail days…

The unexpected fortune I’ve had lately to have found gamers that have collaborated with me to spend months (and even years) forging the stories of Thorin the Famous, Eiric, Nessendra, and so many more. I’ve had players willing to travel extraordinary distances to get in game time!

But it’s a bittersweet thing. Endings always are. Here’s hoping that as Storm King’s Thunder ends, we finish it with a bang!

*The Castles and Crusades game would probably be on this list except that I ended up dropping out of it because trying to play on Sunday nights just wasn’t working out. But even that one I played in for about 2 years!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

5e: Lawn Ornaments?!?

From: Sir Fulhoff of Clan Balderk, Knight of Hawk’s Nest, War Mage
To: Helja and Adrik of Clan Balderk

Mother and Father:

The maelstrom is an amazing place, and we’ve spent our time here taking advantage of that fact. I’ve poured over the Archmage Dangledork’s spellbook. For someone of his skills, the contents are rather pedestrian. It’s no shock that he was so poorly able to handle our assault. Nevertheless, I’ll be able to make use of it.

Joda took advantage of the walls of water surrounding the palace to work out in the morning. He literally ran around the palace on the walls of water. It was such a feat that the giants of the palace took the time to watch, gathering in the spots with the best views and snacked on popcorn lobster.

Taking advantage of this, Hilda visited King Hekaton. Only because of her help in freeing him did he allow her to approach and talk with him. She spoke slowly, carefully, knowing that she was treading on dangerous ground. She spoke of his daughters, and of her own experience as one of many siblings, and the loneliness that can happen even when surrounded by those they love. She advised the king to ensure that his daughters know that they’re all loved equally. The king was touched by her words, and promised that he would keep them in his mind going forward.

But first, there is the dragon to deal with. We gathered together in the meditation chamber. The king told us his allies would be arriving at the desert lair of Iymrith from a variety of locations, and by a variety of means. We would be teleporting in directly. He activated the chamber, and we were suddenly being baked by the heat of the dry sun, rather than cooled by the watery light.

The amphitheater was ruined, and covered in statues. Statues that it turned out were all animated. “I can’t believe we have to fight her lawn ornaments” Hilda lamented, drawing her sword, and quaffing the potion of giant size. The rest of the party followed, except for Aramil, and grew between 14-18 feet tall.

Joda ran up the side wall of the seating area. Thorin tried to follow, using Bran’s back as a stepping stone. That was about the point we noticed the trebuchet. The stones started flying toward the king, and he launched a lightning strike at the first one, wiping out the stone crew. Almost everyone piled into the fight. Aramil and I circled around to help flank. Bran tossed ice storms while I kept my spells in reserve, working my hammer more than my magic.

Around the time we’d cut though the first half of the gargoyles, 2 larger stone figures arrived, followed by a distinctive sound… the roar of a dragon, and the flapping of her wings. Iymrith. Her terrifying presence was felt across the amphitheater. I took faith in the Great Digger, knowing she’d sent me on this quest, and it was time to see it to the end.

King Hecaton, at the front of the fight took the first hit from her, as she flew past, tail lashing out. Her wings kicked up a great blast of sand, blinding most of those in the path. I used, and used up, the wand of magic missiles, dumping each and every charge into her wings. The wand crumbled in my hands as the magic was spent. Iymrith flew off, leaving her golems to finish us off. Beyond the amphitheater a spray of sand showed where she’d burrowed into the ground.

Leaping down from the amphitheater seats, I swung my hammer repeatedly into the back of the golem slamming into the king, drawing off its attention. Thorin, further up, was dealing with the gargoyles operating the trebuchet. Hack, slash, shove, hack, slash, shove…

We dropped the golems, and took a moment to wipe the sweat from our brows. Mere moments had passed since we’d arrived, but our blood stained the sands. Below us, Iymrith’s lair awaited… and we could hear her rumbling below…

Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Once again, and for the last time of this campaign, my DM has asked about some minis. Gargoyles. I have a few metal gargoyles painted up, along with some weeping angels that will serve, but I also have some unpainted minis to add to the horde. So time to paint some quick and dirty gargoyles!

Included in this group are the following
Reaper’s Weeping Angels (x4)
Reapers Gargoyle from Bones 3 (x1)
Reaper Bones Vorvorlaka and Bat Demon(bones 2?)
Wizkids Gargoyles (x2)
Random pewter gargoyle

After making sure there weren’t any horrible mold lines, they were all washed with warm soapy water and scrubbed down to remove any oils and dust on them. They were then glued to bases, and all were primed with Grey Liner. I then dry brushed them with Dungeon Stone, Stone Grey, followed lastly by Linen White.

I haven't bothered to flock the bases yet.

They aren’t fancy, but they’ll look good on the table.

I figured 14 gargoyles would be enough for just about any encounter!

Narrators Voice: It was not enough. Not by half...

Friday, December 7, 2018

Blightfang part 2

Way back in May I wrote about painting up Blightfang, but never got around to writing the end of the WiP.

Thankfully, I took notes on what I did!

I added some more highlights of Heraldic Red onto the fin and wings, and then mixed in some Sunrise Orange. The teeth were painted with dirty bone, and then lightened with Linen White. I also went over the less scaly parts of the legs with Jungle Moss, then gave it a drybrush of 1:1 viper green & Sun Yellow.

Not really being sure what else to do, I painted the elbow spikes and horns with the same red/orange as the wings. I then flocked the base, and... that's it! And looking at these pictures, I realized I never cleaned up the base, so it's since been painted black around the edge.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

5e: When the boat's a rockin!

From: Sir Fulhoff of Clan Balderk, Knight of Hawk’s Nest, War Mage
To: Helja and Adrik of Clan Balderk

Mother and Father:

The storm continues to blow around the stern of the ship, while Bran and I watch from the crow’s nest.

Hilda and Joda both continue to cut down the cultists, while Rin chops up another merrow. Bran shoots the half orc mate, while Captain Dangledork the archmage flies up and out of the storm I had blowing. The I called the lightning from the storm to hit him, and then hit him with a lightning bolt of my own. He was staggered, but still standing (flying), and now he knew where the wizard was. My second lightning bolt however continued past the archmage, hitting one of the chains, breaking it, and then through the hull of the ship… cracking it. Two of the cultists fired the mounted ballistas at Aramil. He just dodged the first, and almost was skewered by the second, saved only by Rin’s ancestors.

Continuing to slay cultists, Hilda and Joda dance around each other. Rin hurts, but doesn’t quite slay the next merrow. Bran, having a clear shot at the archmage, takes it, and the black bolt seems to catch him unexpectedly. He blinks in confusion, and falls from the sky, hitting the deck with a bone crunching splat. Bran’s second shot slays the next merrow harassing Rin.

Seeing the archmage drop to the deck breaks the half orc’s nerve, and he rushes into one of the cabins.

Using the storms lightning, I again strike at the chains enchanting the king, and then fly down from the crows next to the cabin the mate entered. He was already ransacking the room. I told him to leave the spellbook, surrender and order the crew to stand down, and I’d let him live. He wanted the spellbook for himself, but his sense of self preservation won out.

Having cleared enough of the cultists, Hilda breaks the remaining two chains while Jode keeps the rest off of her back. The Storm King sucks in a deep breath, and begins to stir. The half orc mate steps out of the cabin, and orders the crew to stand down. The merrow don’t listen, so Rin kills another. The last one decides it would rather live far away than swim in the waters with his dead friends. Bran slides down a rope from the crow’s nest, shooting at the merrow swimming away. Aramil and Joda both lay some healing magic on the Storm King.

Sitting up, his first act is to try to swat the mate. We convince him to let him live, so the King tosses him overboard. The King is suspicious, somewhat confused, but we tell him we were sent by his daughter Seresa to save him. He doesn’t entirely believe us, but showing off the conch shell he’s at least willing to hold off on just wiping us all out. I have the opportunity to search the wizards quarters, and do find the spellbook, as well as some notes, sea charts, and carved into the woodwork the words “Iymrith” “Sisters” Treachery”

Blowing the conch shell, we’re teleported back to the Storm King’s Palace in the Maelstrom. His daughters are delighted and amazed, and he calls a family meeting in the throne room… but the throne is gone. Iymrith has stolen it. The Storm King was astounded, astonished, and amazed at all that had happened, and how foolish he’d been. “She didn’t even change her name!”

After some debate about what to do next, and catching the Storm King up on all that had happened, it was decided that Iymrith needed to be taken care of first. He sent out a call for giants to come to him, and we scryed to discover what we could. Iymrith was upon the throne in a ruined palace in the desert. The ship the king had been imprisoned on was destroyed, and the kraken was in inky black water.

I spent my time again studying magic, while the rest of the party continued to explore the palace. In a few days we were ready to make the assault on Iymrith.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Gravestones part 2

I didn’t expect there to be a second part to this, but I found that I had 2 more gravestones from the old Games Workshop skeleton box. They got exactly the same treatment. Glued to square bases, primed with brown liner, brushed grey, then lighter grey, and flocked.

The brush on primer really doesn't work all that well with flock.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Imyrith The Ancient aka Narthrax

Much like the aboleth I painted a while back, we’ve encountered an ancient black dragon in our campaign, and it looks like there’s gonna be a big fight with her at the end. SO… time to paint a big blue dragon.

I looked at the new WizKids pre-primed dragons, but the only one my alternate FLGS had in stock was the green one, and I was not impressed at all. So I went for Narthrax from Reaper instead. Knowing that she’ll have to look extra impressive on the table, I started out by picking her base. As an ancient dragon, she needs to be gargantuan, or on at least a 4” base. I did Blightfang on a 4” base, and Narthrax is just a bit bigger so she got a 5” base. Then I layered up some cork to boost up her height on the table a bit, and carved it out to fit with her integrated base.

Then it was onto painting. After washing in warm soapy water, I primed her with both Blue and Brown Liner, depending on what color the section was going to be. For the main body, I used True Blue as the primary base color, darkening it with the Blue Liner, and lightening it with Linen White.

The wing membrane, belly scales, and horns and teeth were base coated with NMM Gold Base over the brown liner. For the teeth and horns I then went to Yellowed Bone, and then Linen White. She’s a little too old to go all the way up to Pure White or even Bleached Linen. I’m not really thrilled with the wings yet, but I’m not entirely sure how to make them look better. I think I’m going to do the boring “deeper shadows, higher highlights” thing and start by darkening the shadows.

After building up the scale color, I then added in Frosty Blue (Not to be confused with Frost Blue, which is an entirely different color) to bring up the lightning crackle that I imagine courses over her scales when she’s pissed. I used Nightmare black and Eldritch Purple to paint the transition spots where horns/spines poke out from the scales, as well asher gums and the interior of her mouth.

A few notes up to this point:
She was painted (and still is) entirely unassembled.
Initially I didn’t clean up any mold lines, but there were a few on the wings and head that needed it after I applied paint and saw how bad they were.
I haven’t decided how to paint the rocks, but I’m thinking about using the same recipe for them as the flagstone bases of the minis.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

November in Review

There was only one session of Stonehell this month, and I'm itching to see where it goes this month.

Storm King's Thunder is almost over... and I can't wait to see how it wraps up, but I also don't want it to end. I guess that's the sign of a really good campaign.

I still haven’t finished the dancing girl, or returned to the giants, but my Undead of October project was rather more successful than I had honestly expected it to be:
4 mummies (Bones 2) Done!
Hecklemeyer (25th Anniversary mini) Done!
Demi-Lich (Bones 2) Done!
3 Nefsokar mummies (Bones 1) Done!

So only a month late, but I got it 100% done!

I also have been working on Reaper's Narthrax, which you'll get to see more of in a few days.

In addition to that, I also wrapped up the WizKids Beholder, and worked a bit on a few other minis.

But wait! There’s more! I also started painting up 3 new character minis for my fellow players in the Storm King’s Thunder game!

I expect that I should be able to wrap these all up in fairly short order.

The fact that there were 2 holidays this month meant that in addition to all the painting, I also watched a bunch of movies...

Movies/TV Watched
Daredevil Season 3
My Neighbors the Yamadas
Cowboy Bebop (episodes 1-4)
Isle of Dogs
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
The Lord of the Rings
Forbidden World
The Warrior and the Sorceress

This is gonna be a relatively short month for gaming and hobbying. So I'm just gonna say wrap things up for the new year so that come January I've got a clean painting tray to start the year off with.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

New Spell: Thorny Crown of the Seven Pointed Star

Alianora’s scalp bled, the blood soaking in her hair, and flowed down her face, over her clenched eyes. Rathgar, Nimble, Feris, and Selina all felt slightly less exhausted, less achy as the next wave of goblinoids jumped down from the ruins of the old fort.

“How long can you keep this up?” Rathgar asked pulling his sword from the chest of a goblin.

Nimble’s dagger lodged firmly in the skull of the goblin that was heading right for her. The lifeless body dropping at her feet.

“Not long!”

1st level Cleric Spell
Thorny Crown of the Seven Pointed Star
Range: 30’
Duration: varies
Effect Area heal effect

This spell will allow the cleric to heal 1 point of damage to 1d6+1 individuals within 30’. On a roll of 7 the caster may spend 1hp to use the effect for an additional round. The caster may also sacrifice hit points on a 1:1 basis to fuel the spell up to 7, however the caster must sacrifice all the way to 7. The cleric cannot benefit from the healing of their own casting of the spell.
(i.e. if the caster chooses, rolling a 5 would require the sacrifice of 3 HP, 2 to get to 7 and 1 for the roll next round)

Rules Cyclopedia D&D doesn't really have a good low level healing aura type spell, and one of the players playing a cleric asked for one. I think this offers a nice balance between healing and potentially hurting. It'll be interesting to see how it plays in game.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

5e: Death From Above!

From: Sir Fulhoff of Clan Balderk, Knight of Hawk’s Nest, War Mage
To: Helja and Adrik of Clan Balderk

Mother and Father:

Heading out of Yartar, we discuss what our strategy is going to be, and most of the party wants to head up to Old Snarl to pay our respects, and maybe get a little more help. For my part, dealing with dragons is never a good idea. Dealing with an ancient red dragon is an even worse idea, but we did agree, as part of our use of the airship, that we would visit.

If you’ve heard stories of Klauth, then you’ve heard that he is not only ancient, but bigger than maybe any other dragon on Faerun? The tales do not begin to even come close to accurately portraying the sheer power and awesome majesty of that being. Also the annoyance that we had not yet completed our quest. I think what kept us from becoming a snack was that we did at least have some information that he didn’t have, namely that Imyrith is working with Slarkrethel. That seemed to intrigue him. His advice was simply “don’t die.”

Departing Klauth’s domain, we headed for Waterdeep, resupplied and stocked up on things we thought would be helpful for a sea battle. Our efforts to find out more about the Kraken Society and their activities were ineffective, but the one bit of luck turned out to be the journal we’d taken from Lord Drylund. While we’d had no luck deciphering the code, a contact of the Grey Hand was able to figure some of it out, including the phrase “purple islands.” We’d heard that name before, and checking through our assorted goods in the bag of holding, pulled out an old map of them. Since we were in Waterdeep, we contacted a local cartographer and acquired a more up to date chart. This in hand, we set off.

The flight out from Waterdeep was cool, cloudy, and wet. Thankfully it was a calm sort of wet, but bone chilling. On the 4th day out, we spotted the islands… and then we saw it, the Morkoth. Distinctively squid shaped with an open hold containing a chain bound storm giant. Thankfully our arrival by air meant we hadn’t been spotted. We followed the Morkoth from above, spying on it for the rest of the day, the night, and in the first light of day, dropped down upon them.

Joda summoned a cloud from the Astorian Fan, and we dropped down to the ship. Bran and I hopped off at the crows nest, startling a sleeping watchman, and silencing him before he could make a sound. I then summoned a storm over the stern of the ship, while Hilda dropped down into the bow swinging her sword at the sailors there. Joda leaps down onto the giant and inspects the chains. Aramil tries to dispel the magic on the chains, but their enchantments are too strong. Joda fails to break any of them.

Finally shaking off the shock of the assault, the sailors retaliate. The commanding officer shoots at Joda with a crossbow, but Joda catches the bolt, and throws it back at the half orc. Hilda and Rin are swarmed by sailors, but they’re mostly irritating rather than dangerous. Rin tosses a few of them overboard. From the storm, I lightning bolt the crossbow wielding half orc, who is now joined by a spellcaster. I counterspell the invulnerability spell he was trying to cast, and then drop an acid sphere on the stern. The wizard goes invisible….

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Undead of October part 8

Jokes On You

I’ve been poking at Hecklemeyer and Styx for a while now, and I think I’ve reached the “it ain’t gonna get better than this” stage. The color pallet has been very limited. Nightshade Black, Linen White, Dirty Bone, Yellowed Bone, Succubus Kiss, Fresh Blood, Pumpkin Orange, Sun Yellow, Oh, and just a tiny bit of blue for the puppet tied to his leg. Okay, maybe not all that limited.

Once I decided I was done with painting it was time to do the base. I popped Styx off of his base, and positioned him a bit to see where I thought he’d look good. I then rolled out some greenstuff, stuck Styx in, and started sculpting the floor tiles. As usual I used Brown Liner as the primer, and then went with my standard Redstone Shadow, Stone Grey, Linen White base.

Also, I realized I never posted the finished Bone Fiend, so here it is.

And with that, my Undead of October Project is finally complete!

Friday, November 23, 2018

Fulhoff's Fellow Adventurers part 3

A minor update on the minis.

I did some work on their bases to bring them up to match those of the rest of the party, and then did some minor detail work. The monk's wrist wraps I did in blue and silver, and the leg and feet wraps in Earth Brown.

Xanathar is unimpressed with being ignored in favor of these twerps.