Friday, May 28, 2010


Today is the first day of Balticon, and I'm psyched!!  Anyone who's in the greater Baltimore/Washington metro area would be highly encouraged to make it down to Hunt Vally, MD this weekend, even if you can only make it for the day. 

The Old Kings

If you ask anyone in Winterhaven or Fallcrest about the Old Kings Road, they'll tell you that there hasn't been a king in the area for as long as anyone can remember, just that the name stuck.  If you probe further no one knows which king built the road, or which it was named for.  However if you travel north of Winterhaven along the Cairngorm Peaks, up a rarely used section of the road you will come upon the Old Kings.  These ancient stone monoliths resemble stylized chess kings with iron crowns upon their brows.  Standing on either side of the road their silent forms look north, and lean slightly away from the road.

Travelers along the road will often leave an offering at their base for luck and protection as they head north, hoping that the Old Kings will watch their backs.

The Old Kings
Divine Location

Any traveler that leaves an offering with the Old Kings may find their way cleared of troubles.  The chance of random encounters drops by half for the next 12 hours while on the road, and any encounters that do occur receive a +1 bonus to the reaction roll. 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Small Work Maps

It doesn't happen often, but sometimes at work I just start to doodle, and sometimes I draw dungeon maps.

This first one is obviously on a post-it.  It's a natural cave that slopes down to a chamber with an underground river.  At the back of the chamber is a stone door, leading to a worked corridor.  Going left takes you even further down into a set of linked rooms.  Going right brings you to a semicircular chamber.

This dungeon is also dug into the side of a hill/mountain, but is completely worked.  Along the right there is a large chamber with multiple deep alcoves, and a raised area at the back.  Down at the bottom is a chamber dominated by a large statue.  Prior to that chamber is a small hidden room.  Further to the right, is a very very long corridor leading to a pair of rooms.  So long I didn't bother drawing the whole thing, but I'm thinking probably a mile or two long, and sloping very gently down.  Before that is a side branch with a pillared chamber with several smaller adjoining rooms.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My House Rules for Old School Games

"Chop When they Drop"

Fighters dedicate their entire lives to mastering their skill at arms. Because of this single-minded dedication, fighters (not including dwarves or elves) are able to dispatch multiple foes at a rate that astonishes other classes. Anytime a fighter kills an opponent, he immediately gains a free attack on any other enemy within reach. Should he slay the opponent as well, he gains another free attack on a nearby enemy. This series of events continues until the fighter either misses, fails to kill and opponent, or runs out of enemies within the reach of his weapon.

"Shields Shall Be Splintered"

Shields Shall Be Splintered: Anytime you are about to take damage and have a shield equipped, you may choose to attempt to sacrifice the shield in order to avoid incurring the wound. Make a saving throw vs. death and, if the save is successful, the shield is sundered by the blow and destroyed, but you take no damage. In the case of spells that allow a saving throw for half damage, you may invoke this rule if you fail your save against the spell. Doing so successfully reduces the damage by half. In the case of magical shields, invoking this rule successfully means that you take no damage from blows (or half from spells) but the shield loses one "plus" from its enchantment. Thus, a +1 shield would become a normal shield, a +2 shield becomes a +1 shield, etc.

"Dutch Courage"

Dutch Courage: Any character may heal themselves by spending twenty minutes binding their wounds, catching their breath, and consuming a pint of wine. Doing so heals the character of 1d6 points of damage. This method of first aid may only be used once per day.

"Unconsciousness & Death"

When a character reaches zero hit points, he or she is falls unconscious. When a character's hit point score reaches a negative number equal to their level or -10 (whichever is lower), the character dies. Thus, a 1st level character dies when he or she reaches -1 hit points, a 5th level character dies at -5 hit points, and a 20th level character dies at -10 hit points despite his level.

"Order of the d30"

Once per game session, a player may choose to roll a d30 instead of any normal dice roll. This cannot be used for any purpose during character creation or for hit point rolls.


 Magic users may use the Zap spells as outline in this blog post.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trouble in Winterhaven - 4e session report

Saturday's game session ended up being a hell of a return to D&D!  We played for about 9 hours, and got further through the adventure than I expected, or was entirely prepared for. But before we get to that, lets start at the beginning.

**WARNING - Keep on the Shadowfell spoilers below!!**

I'm running my cousins through Keep on the Shadowfell.  I did not tell them this, as I didn't want them to start out looking for a keep.  I have the first printing of the adventure, so it hasn't been corrected or added to like the one available on the WotC website.  In addition to the adventure I am using most of The Alexandrian's remix, and a bit of the H1-H3 Orcus conversion.

Since I only had 2 players, and 4e is really designed for 4-5 players, I asked if they wanted to run 2 characters each?  They did, since it would give them greater chance of survival and also expose them to more of the system.  I gave them printouts of the 6 pregens that came with the adventure.  Cory chose to play the dragonborn paladin Rhoger and the halfling rogue Ander.  Alex chose the tiefling warlord Barakes and the human wizard Ulric.

Once that was settled I read them the introduction, asked them to make perception checks, and then laid out the kobold brigands encounter.  The party spotted the kobolds, so there wasn't a surprise round.  The combat played out pretty well, as we all figured out what the characters and monsters do.  The best moment in the fight was when the slinger used the firepot on the warlord.  He opted not to put out the flames!!  He lost his cloak, but since he has resist fire 5, ongoing fire 2 didn't bother him any, and it was pretty impressive looking. 

After looting the bodies they then pressed onto Winterhaven.  We did a bit of roleplaying in the village as they investigated around and found out that Bairwin had taken in Sir Calibran's son after the disgraced knight died while fighting a 2-headed giant.  Perrien didn't take the news well that he's adopted, and the party decided to give the lad a little time before trying to drag him away.  Since they had some spare time they opted to go investigate the kobold situation.

Ninaran, the less than hospitable elf ranger decides that sending these annoying runeborn directly to the kobold lair is probably a good idea.    She draws them a map and sends them on their way.  Taking a southerly dirt path they quickly come upon a dwarven farmer who has been ambushed by kobolds.  This is the Farmer's Jeopardy interlude from the remix.  I didn't use the dwarf's son, and I changed the +2 resounding warhammer (which according to the PHB is a level 7 item!!) into a +1 thundering longsword that he was bringing to Lord Paldrig for the defense of Winterhaven.  For saving his life, and escorting him back to the village he gifted the blade to the party.  The warlord and the paladin argued about who should get it, and in the end the warlord, who had been far more consistent in his ability to actually land hits, was the one to wield it.

Again moving south toward the waterfall, they opted to try to be sneaky about it, and they managed to surprise the kobolds.  I tweaked this encounter a bit, and added the wyrmpriest from the kobold ambush encounter.  The party opted to split up, with the wizard and the rogue coming down from the upper part of the map, while the warlord and paladin came in from the south west corner.  The paladin used an action point to move into range of a clustered group of minions and use his breath attack upon them, killing the bunch with his poisonous breath.  The rogue and wizard focused their attacks upon the wyrmpriest in the magic circle.  He was brought down pretty quickly, and the skirmisher engaged the rogue.  This was a tough fight, and as the paladin and warlord moved north to meet up with their friends the dragonshield ordered the last minion to "Go warn Irontooth!!"  The minion took off, running down the river and was felled by the rogue just before he got through the waterfall. The skirmisher, also ran for the falls, and jumped through before the rogues dagger or the wizards magic could stop him.  The warlord and paladin then took down the dragonshield, just as the skirmisher and 3 minions came through the falls.  The wizard blasted them all with scorching burst.  The skirmisher yelled for more help and ran toward the rogue.  In all an additional 8 minions, 2 skirmishers, and a dragonshield all came through the falls.  The party took a short rest, and then decided they would at least check out the cave.

Irontooth was waiting for them!  With a shield of minions, flanked by his dragonshields, and accompanied by the wyrmpriest he advanced upon the runeborn.  The wizard was mobbed by minions, while the rogue found himself fumbling his daggers.  The warlord tied up one dragonshield, while the rouge went after the other, and the paladin charged Irontooth. It was a brutal fight.  At one point, in order to deal with being swarmed the wizard used burning hands on a group that was mostly minions, a bloodied dragonshield, and the wyrmpriest!  Later he scored a critical on Irontooth with an acid arrow, which also splashed the paladin!!  They finally took everyone down, rested up for a bit, and looted the cave.  The warlord took the armor, passing the magic sword from before to the paladin, and they discovered several notes, one from Kalarel, and a couple from the Bloodreavers of Thunderspire.  The party opted not to take the stairs down to the desecrated  tomb right away, but rather to head back to Winterhaven and rest up.

This was about as far as I'd prepared, and while I was familiar with what was to come, I hadn't really focused on it during my prep time.  However we still had time, and my players were jazzed to continue, so on we went.

The residents of Winterhaven had other ideas, and the party quickly ramped up once the runeborn arrived!  The rogue entertained the crowd while the other 3 did their best to get some info from Valthrun the sage and Lord Paldrig (yeah, I got his name wrong, but I got it wrong the same way the entire game, so now that's his name!)  With more evidence of cultist activity, but not nearly enough info, Valthrun suggests they check out the dragon burial site where Douven Staul was doing some research.

The next day they head back to the kobold lair first and investigate the stairs. They enter the desecrated chamber, spoke with the ghost, and got out.  Their curiosity about the rift/gate/hole is growing. 

On down to the burial site they get ambushed by Agrid the Gnome and his thugs.  The gnome slinger (I changed it from a halfling to a gnome because I thought it made more sense) knocked out the wizard while the paladin and warlord locked down Agrid.  With 2 powerful blows they dropped him to 4 hit points, and he surrendered.  Once they captured him and killed the drakes, the remaining rabble fled, and the slinger sneaked off.   Douven was freed, and they interrogated Agrid, who revealed more info about Kalarel.  They took the stone idol of Orcus that Agrid dug up, and brought the halfling and Douven back to Winterhaven.  In thanks Douven gave his rescuers the magical locket he wore.  They were shown immediately to Lord Paldrig's chambers where they explained what happened.  Before Paldrig could respond an alarm rang out, and a town guard reported that the dead were seen rising from their graves.

The party rushed to the graveyard to find it quiet.  They walked in trying to figure out if this was a joke, or if the dead had gone somewhere else, only to have the undead burst from the ground and attack.  The gravehounds were nasty, as was the undead mage (used the stats for a human mage), but the runeborn managed to defeat the restless dead.  Destroying the magic circle they discovered the note from Kalarel to an unknown party. 

This is where we wrapped up for the night. The group now knows about Sir Keegan's Keep, and intends on investigating it the next day. 

I really enjoyed running this.  I can now say with certainty that 4e is still Dungeons and Dragons, even if the engine that runs it is different.  Now, having said that, KotSF did have some issues, which I knew it would.

Skill challenges, as presented, suck.  I didn't use them, and for the most part made them role play out personal interactions within Winterhaven.

The warlord's Viper Strike at-will we're going to swap out for Furious Smash.

I kept a note about the different encounters on the back of my DM's screen with reminders about bits of info I needed to make sure my players had to keep things moving, and I kept in mind the Three Clue Rule.

There was a bit of railroading going on.  That happens with any published adventure, and while I wanted to give them the freedom to make their own choices about where to go and what to do, I also wanted them to hit the various encounters.  That worked for them, as they also wanted to see the adventure as well as the system.  Plus they're both big video game players, and this adventure can be a lot less of a railroad than some games! 

In addition to being pleased that 4e is still D&D, and the joy of rolling those funny shaped dice, I am thrilled that not only did I have a good time, but that my players did too.  In fact, if they didn't have to drive home I'm pretty sure we'd have kept playing though the rest of the adventure, and maybe even further!

After the game I e-mailed my cousins and asked for their feedback.  The Rogue/Paladin player Cory wrote:
"I definitely like the new combat mechanics, especially the importance of movement (I really like the new shifting/flanking) I felt like it added a new dimension to the combat that just wasn't there before. Maybe it's just my imagination though."

"As for making the game better, I think the biggest improvement to be made is actually in fleshing out our characters, when we used them on Saturday, they were just the 'standard', giving them actual personalities would add a lot." 

Alex, the player of the Warlord/Wizard wrote:
"I like it..."

This is my 100th post.  I'm not sure what it says about a game blog that takes 99 posts before it actually gets around to playing the game the blog is primarily about, but whatever it is, I think this is a very fitting post  for this milestone.   

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Balticon Labyrinth Lord Dungeon Crawl?

Every year on Memorial Day weekend here in Baltimore there is a convention called Balticon.  Anyone who knows the convention scene on the east coast is probably at least passingly familiar with it.  At this convention they have a game room, and I am seriously considering running a Labyrinth Lord dungeon crawl. 

Anyone planning on going to Balticon?  Or have any thoughts/suggestions for running a smooth con game?

Friday, May 21, 2010

The road to Winterhaven

My cousins want to play Dungeons and Dragons 4e tomorrow.  I thought about running them through the little delve at the back of the DMG, but I think instead I'm going to use a tweaked version of KotSF.  I'll be using a combination of The Alexandrian's and Myrhdraak's remixes.  This will be the first real experience with 4e for me, as I've never played or DMed it. I have however listened to a number of podcasts, and read a whole lot, so I feel pretty prepared.

I do wish I had a few more kobold minis though.  My selection of D&D specific minis is somewhat uneven.  There are a lot of things I can fill in with other minis, especially my Lord of the Rings stuff, but I've got a whole 3 kobold minis, and no dragonborn minis at all, and LotR isn't going to help me out with those at all. 

There are of course a variety of alternatives like paper counters (Fiery Dragon), or fold up minis (One Monk Minis), but I have to say that I really like having actual minis, and they're even better if I painted them and they're metal.  Especially for character minis.  The fact that I don't have a single dragonborn mini bugs me.  There aren't a whole lot of them out there either.  I did see a neat conversion of this chronopia mini into a dragonborn which I've been tempted to try my hand at.
But as I don't yet own this mini, it isn't exactly on the front burner.

I'll let you know how it goes!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Glass Spire

The light glinted and refracted off the uneven surface of the spire.  Rainbows and light beams shone all over the glen.  It gave Nimble goosebumps.  "Why are we here again?" he wined.  

"Because the Magus ask me to investigate the spire." Feris answered without looking.  "It's really difficult to study, because the magics we'd use to study it are... unreliable here."

And what is this we've come to pass ? A pymamid of solid glass 

The Glass Spire is actually the ruin of an elven tower that was destroyed in a battle with the forces of Chaos 500 years ago.   

The Glass Spire
Magical Location

Magical effects which include the Glass Spire in their area of effect are refracted by the tower.  Due to the residual effects of the destruction of the tower, it is impossible to determine how the magic will be changed.

Roll on the following chart to determine effects of magical powers that include the tower in their area of effect.
1. Double area of effect
2. Duration doubled
3. Effect is repeated the following round
4. Effect is delayed 1d6 rounds 
5. Area of effect reduced 50%
6. Area of effect is now covered in blooming violets
7. Area of effect is now covered in blooming violets, and spell goes off as normal
8. Sparks fly from casters fingers, causing 1d4 points of electrical damage to anyone within 10' of the front of the caster
9. Everyone in the area of effect loses their hair
10. Everyone in the area of effect glows as per the light spell
11. Everyone in the area of effect falls asleep as per the sleep spell, without any hit dice limitations
12. Spire glows momentarily, no other effect
13. Everyone in the area of effect is healed 2d6 hit points.
14. Summons a thunderstorm which will arrive in 1d20 rounds, and will continue till the next morning.
15. Caster is sent forward 1d10 rounds into the future
16. Caster is sent forward 1d10 turns into the future
17. Everyone must make a saving throw vs. spells or be sent 3d6 rounds into the future (roll individually for everyone that fails their save)
18. All of the casters possessions are teleported into a pile 10 feet behind the caster
19. Everyone in the area of effect shrinks 1d4+1 x10% (20%-50%)
20. Anyone who has died within the area of effect is raised as a wight who will attack the nearest living being
21. Spire lashes out with magical energy.  Treat as a 7hd monster attacking everyone within the area of effect.  Anyone struck takes 2d4 points of magic damage and is paralyzed for an equal number of turns
22. Everyone in the area of effect is teleported 2d20 yards away from the spire
23. Everyone in the area of effect must make a saving throw vs poison or suffer a -2 to all rolls for 1d6 turns
24. Everyone ages 1d20 years
25. A cloud of moths swarms the area.  Everyone is considered to have 3/4 cover. 
26. The entire area of effect catches fire for 1 turn
27. Multicolored lights flash brightly, everyone in the area of effect is blinded for 2d6 rounds
28. Summons a Giant Killer Rabbit (treat as a Boar)
29. Area of effect is covered in slippery flammable slime
30.Area of effect is protected as both a Protection from Evil and a Protection from Good spell

Thursday, May 13, 2010

This is Dungeons and Dragons!

This image was the cover of the boxed set of Dungeons and Dragons that finally brought me into the hobby, and while I quickly moved onto the Rules Cyclopedia, this image will always be what Dungeons and Dragons should look like.

As an aside, even if that axe is seriously enchanted against red dragons, that guy is going to be paste in seconds!  I still love that in spite of that fact, he's still standing there, at the ready.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Inventor

The smell wafting down the corridor was a strange mix of ozone, smoke, and oddly enough pond water.  Accompanying the odd smell we the sounds of metallic movement, and ever so faintly, sloshing.  

Nimble inched forward along the corridor toward the light spilling from the slightly ajar door. On the scale of weird things, it didn't top the list, but it certainly was up there. 


It seemed to be working on something, a machine of some sort.  Nimble leaned forward to get a better look.  The room this thing was in was clearly a large work space, filled will all manner of tools and implements.  Various pipes, wires, and tubes running across the walls and ceiling.  The thing started to turn, and Nimble pulled back, knowing that one glassy eye had seen him.  

"Do come in" a strangely flat voice called out.  

The Inventor is an intelligent carp who could be encountered anywhere from the depths of a dungeon to a warehouse workshop in the middle of a city.  It is extremely knowledgeable about steam-power and mechanics, though most of his creations tend to be flawed in some way that eventually fails rather spectacularly.  It doesn't know it's gender, as it's never had occasion to meet another of it's (intelligent) kind, and so hasn't spent any time thinking about it.

It's current bowl was created by a wizard as payment for services, and the walking device was designed by the Inventor himself.  There are actually 2 walking devices.  The original one is simple and low powered in comparison, and he uses it to upgrade the more advanced version.  These two creations are the only ones that do not regularly fail.  It does like to get out of it's bowl and relax in a personal pond which contains a variety of plants.

The Inventor's work area will be protected at all times by a steam powered warden (treat as a obsidian golem).  As well as a variety of mechanical traps. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Scarabaeus Sacer Tutaminis

"Do you hear that?" Rathgar asked his companions.

Everyone paused.  A clicking, chittering noise seemed to be coming down the stone hall.  

Everyone heard it, and as they quickly glanced at each other they could see the fear in their eyes.  Scarab skeletons.

Just behind them was a triangular doorway leading to a now empty room.  Rathgar moved back, pressed his shoulder to the door, turned the handle and pushed.  The door was snug but gave way much easier this time.  

That chittering sound was closer.  Just at the edge of their light 2 skeletal figures seemed to shimmer.  Rathgar waved everyone into the room, and closed the door behind them.  He then pulled out a leather strap with a single bell upon it, and hooked it over the door.  The bell jingled, and fell from the strap, disappearing before it hit the door.  "Lets get some rest" he said grimly. 

Scarab Defender of Sacred Places aka Scarab Skeleton
Armor Class: 4
Hit Dice: 4+1** (M)
Move: 90' (30') 
Attacks: 2 claws/ 1 special
Damage: 1d6+poison/special
No. Appearing: 1d2 (1d4)
Save As: C4
Morale: 12
Treasure Type: B
Intelligence: 4
Alignment: Chaotic
XP Value: 375

Type: Lowlife, Enchanted (Rare)
The Scarab Defender of Sacred Places is an insect swarm enchanted by foul protective spells into the form of a humanoid skeleton.  These creatures are placed in tombs to actively hunt down any who would dare enter their sacred places and to add their bones and treasures to the piles therein.  When a Scarab Skeleton attacks, it will attempt to strike one target with both claw attacks.  Should both attacks hit it will attempt to envelop the victim.  The target may take a saving throw vs. paralysis to resist.  If they fail their saving throw they will take an additional 6 points of damage/round until a saving throw vs. paralysis is made.  Anyone who is wounded by a Scarab Skeleton must make a saving throw vs. poison or suffer a cumulative -2 to attach for 1d10 turns.
The scarab skeleton may at will revert into an insect swarm of 3 hit dice in order to gain entry into locations it wouldn't be able to enter on it's own.  It takes 3 rounds to reform into it's skeletal form, during which it may not take any action beyond a half move.  

Thursday, May 6, 2010

4e Rules Compendium?

Now this is interesting news:
It seems WotC is releasing the core rules in a single volume for $19.95. I'm interested in seeing what the "core rules" includes.  Not the different character classes, I'm sure, but everything else?  We'll see. 

Shrinking Bottle

"No!  Don't throw that!!" the scruffy old hedge mage yelled, frantically flapping his arms." Nimble told the small group assembled around him.  "I didn't know why he was so concerned about a little ship in a bottle, but we needed to get out of there, so I tossed it at him.  His eyes bugged out as he reached for it.  My toss was perfect, but this guy, I tell ya, he hit it with his left hand, bounced it off his right hand, barely touched it with the tips of his fingers, and off it spun against the wall next to him."  Nimble paused as he took a drink from his flagon.   "It broke of course.  The bottle that is.  The boat, well, it began to grow, fast.  So fast that that old wizard couldn't get out of the way."

"Squish-crunch is the best way to describe the sound.  Sadly we couldn't get his body out from under the boat.  We only just got out of the room in time ourselves, and it pushed the door closed behind us.  But we still got the talisman!"

The Shrinking Bottle when created will contain one item, usually a boat or tower that has been built specifically to be placed in the shrinking bottle.  The owner of the item may uncork the bottle and speak a command word to cause the item in the bottle to be released, where it will expand to it's original size.  Should the item be destroyed, a replacement may be built, and the bottle may be used again.  If the bottle is broken then the item will immediately expand to it's full size, potentially harming whoever is nearby. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Runner up: The Thing From the Well of Wolrds

The Nevermet Press Monster Mashup Contest (in which I entered the Thing from the Well of Worlds) results have been posted.   My entry came in as one of 3 runners up.  Congrats to the other winners, especially to Jarrod Camiré who won some fantastic dice!

You should definitely check out Jarrod's entry as well as the 32 other entrants.  There is some really good stuff in there. 

While I didn't win the awesome dice, I am looking forward to some new PDFs.  A big thank you to Nevermet Press for running the contest, and to all those who voted for me! 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bearshark & Sharkbear

Some wizards just don't know when to leave deadly enough alone.

Armor Class: 5
Hit Dice: 6 (L)
Move: 60' (20')
  Swimming: 180' (60) 
Attacks: 2 claws/ 1 bite
Damage: 1d6/ld6/2d6
No. Appearing: 1 (1d2)
Save As: F4
Morale: 9
Treasure Type: V
Intelligence: 2
Alignment: Neutral
XP Value: 350

The Bearshark is all shark on the tail end, and furry claws and teeth on the front end. While they have limited mobility on land, they are still quite deadly.  A successful bite attack roll of 19 or better on a medium or smaller creature means that the Bearshark has begun to swallow their victim.  Every subsequent round they will suffer an automatic bite attack which deals 3d6 points of damage.  The Bearshark will not attack any other opponents until the victim is dead.

Bearshark (m20)
AC: 16
HD: 5d8+12
HP: 30
Initiative: +2
Bite +5 (2d6+1+attach on critical), 2 Claws +8 (1d6+2)

Armor Class: 4
Hit Dice: 7 (L)
Move: 180' (60')
  Swimming: 150' (50) 
Attacks: 2 claws/ 1 bite
Damage: 1d8/ld8/3d4
No. Appearing: 1 (1d2)
Save As: F6
Morale: 10
Treasure Type: V
Intelligence: 2
Alignment: Neutral
XP Value: 550

The Sharkbear is the deadlier cousin of the Bearshark.  While it has the bear's chest and legs, the head, dorsal fin and tail are those of the great white shark.   A successful bite attack roll of 18 or better on a medium or smaller creature means that the Sharkbear has begun to swallow their victim.  Every subsequent round they will suffer an automatic bite attack which deals 3d6 points of damage.  The Sharkbear will not attack any other opponents until the victim is dead.

Sharkbear (m20)
AC: 17
HD: 7d8+16
HP: 39
Initiative: +2
Bite +8 (3d4+2+attach on critical) , 2 Claws +11 (1d8+4)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Möbius Dungeon - part 3

Ok, I'm not sure anyone has looked at the mobius dungeon download, and since I don't have a way to make it into a PDF at the moment (anyone care to help with that?) I'm going to post the info here.

Special Rules:
Bending Time and Space: Due to the warping nature of the dungeon, time does not pass in a linear fashion. When entering a previously explored area roll a d6. 1-2 Room Resets to before the players first entered. 3-4 Time has passed normally. 5-6 Time has passed at an accelerated rate - roll a d4 and a d30. If the d4 result is a 1 the d30 result is the number of days that have passed. On a 2 it is weeks, on a 3 months, and on a 4 years.

Features Key
A: This stairwell will disappear until the key is found
B+C: Adventurers can wrap around at these 2 points. There is nothing to indicate they have flipped.
P: Pit trap will drop adventurers 20 feet into the corresponding room on the opposite side of the map.
S: This stairway goes both up and down to the corresponding room. It will seem to travel about 100’ in either direction through solid stone.

The Key – A golden amulet in the shape of a Borromean Ring that continually emits a golden light as per the continual light spell. Then the light shines on the wall to the stair case the wall will disappear, revealing the stairs.

Adventurers may encounter jack up to 3 times. The first time Jack will be middle aged, and will remember the adventurers. The 2nd time Jack will be young and this will be his first meeting with the group. The last meeting will be with Jack as an old man. Young Jack may accompany the adventurers for a short while before disappearing. Middle aged Jack will blame the group for abandoning him. Older Jack will have an understanding as he has now encountered several groups over time.
Young Jack Human F1
Middle Jack Human F2/C2
Old Jack Human F3/C4

Room Key:

1. Entry Room

2. Statue Room: A scholar in academic robes holding a compass in one hand and an abacus in the other.

3. empty

4. Music Room: J. S. Bach’s Canon 1 a 2 from “Musical Offering” is inscribed upon the wall at chest height, and plays forwards and backwards at the same time:

5. Balcony Room: Overlooks room 8. A red curtain hangs behind the balcony as a backdrop and a chalkboard sits in front of it. A Mummy Shaman (6th level) stands writing various formulas upon the chalkboard. The mummy is adorned with 4,000gp worth of jewelry.

6. empty

7. Stairwell goes up and down to room 30.

8. Rows of wooden chairs are arranged facing the balcony, and seated in them are 8 wights and 6 ghouls. One is armed with a Kopesh (normal sword) +1, +4 vs Lycanthropes.

9. Each wall is painted with M.C. Escher style paintings in red, black, and gold paints.

10. empty

11. Camped out: Jack may be encountered here with a bedroll, small heatstone, and his equipment. Ceiling appears open to a starscape.

12. Glass Room: The walls, floor and ceiling as all covered completely in bits of broken clear glass.

13. Buzzzz – Room filled with junk and oil beetle shells. 8 Robber Flies. Large chunk of amber with

14. Mirror Room: The walls are lined with mirrors, and everyone in the room is constantly under the effect of Mirror Image

15. Check in: There is a counter running along the west wall, and there appears to be one door on the north wall. The door will not open until the guest book is signed. Every time the door is opened roll a die. On an even roll the door opens to room 15a. On an odd roll it opens to room 16.
15a. Cell: Stone cell, shackled skeletons,

16. Restful stop: This room is furnished as a high class hotel room with 3 large beds.

17. Curtained Alcoves: each with 2 benches and a table.

18. Waterfall: Water runs down the walls in the SE corner, pooling shallowly.

19. Statuary: Hooded medusa who carves small stone miniatures.

20. Touching the door handle opens a pit trap 20’ down to room 40.

21. empty

22. Troll lair – 8 trolls are roasting a kobold over a small smoky fire. Each troll is wearing an item of jewelry – 5,000gp collar, 3,000 gp anklet, 7,500 gp earrings, and a 20,000 gp tiara. The rest are junk items.

23. Corridor is completely flooded unless fountain in room 46 is fixed

24. One way only: Both one way doors are hidden.

25. empty

26. Dining Room: 9 large round tables w/ 8 chairs each, set for afternoon tea are set up on the ceiling. Reverse Gravity is in effect. Pulling the tablecloth out from any of the tables successfully returns gravity to normal. 2d4 oil beetles.

27. Math Sucks: North and East walls covered in mathematical nonsense.

28. Scooby Doo: Anyone entering any of the doors on the east or west wall will emerge 1 round later from a random door.

29. Study: Walls lined with shelves with puzzles and blank books. One way door is undetectable from this room.

30. Stairwell: Stone stair goes up and down to room 7.

31. Chapel:

32. Place to sit: A long stone bench flanked by strange armor suits

33. Play? Enigmatic youth with basketball on a half court.

34. Ouroboros: This circular chamber is decorated entirely in snake motifs. An Ouroboros is inscribed around the center 10’ of the room. A Caecilia sits coiled in the back of the room around a heatstone, sucking on its tail, looking like a statue. Roll for surprise. There is a chest w/ 7,000cp, 1,000sp, 300gp,

35. Gallery: Strange geometric sculptures throughout the room – hypercubes, klein bottles, etc.

36. Ogre Camp – 6 ogres + 1 4th level Ogre Shaman. 4,000 ep total treasure

37. He holds the Key – Rock Living Statue w/ key on chain around neck.

38. Charged Room: metal will be drawn toward the secret door.

39. Words: Magic mouths will speak in overlapping words. They have no meaning, but a saving throw must be made or the listener will believe they are a warning.

40. empty

41. Kobold Corner – Barracks w/ 12 kobolds + 3 Oil Beetles

42. Work Room – 9 kobolds

43. More Kobolds – 9 kobolds + 6 body guards + 1 king + 1 4th level Wokan. Treasure chest in throne contains 3,000 cp, 1,000 sp, 5 potions, and 2 scrolls. They know about the secret door.
Quarter Column: the SW corner of the room contains an intricate ¼ column. It contains the latch to a secret door. When triggered the corner spins around and switches place with the corner in room 46. May only be activated once every 10 minutes.

44. Rifts: The middle 10’ of the room is littered with assorted mundane items. Anyone attempting to cross the room will find themselves on the far side without ever crossing the center 10’. Items may be tossed into that area, but anything alive shifts to the far side of the effect. Anything tossed is irretrievable without access to a long pole.

45. Tipsy: This room is shifted by 20 degrees.

46. Leaky Fountain: The large freshwater fountain has 3 fish spraying water into the fountain and a 4th is spraying water out toward the SW corner. Adjusting the nozzle will return the spray to the proper direction.
and allow area 23 to drain.