Friday, July 19, 2019

Gnolls part 3

Okay, we’re calling it!
Armor and weapons have been painted with “Armor” paint, stitching painted with Tanned Leather, a generous wash with sepia, and a couple of highlights here and there.

The shaman needed more attention, especially with the bone staff. I started with Dirty Bone, followed by the sepia wash, followed by another highlight with Dirty Bone. The bindings were painted with Dragon Red. The flogger was painted first with Rich Leather, highlighted with Tanned Leather, washed with sepia, then highlighted with Tanned Leather and just a bit of Linen White.

The green robe could probably use a little more work, but eh.

Then it was time to base… I used my usual mix of flock applied with wood glue. And then once that dried I coated it with another coat of watered down wood glue. Still need to dust off some of the non-glued flock, but otherwise they're done!!

Up next: Agramon

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Gnolls part 2

I wrote this before my test, when I stole just a tiny bit of time to do a bit of painting.

Okay, yes, the test is coming up. But my brain was just not accepting info, so I decided to paint for a bit before walking the dogs in the park. In 40 minutes I applied red to the gums/lips, and their eyes. I then added some tanned leather to the red, then applied it to their skirts, then added a bit of marigold yellow and dry brushed it onto their ruffs.

Using a bit of walnut brown, I cleaned up the eyes, painted their noses, and lips around the red.

Next steps are going to be to paint the stitching on their skirts, maybe highlight the skirts one more time. Paint the armor and weapons. Wash the mouths to bring out the teeth, then likely re-highlight the teeth.

The shaman (not pictured) will take a bit more work because of her staff. Also, her green robe will take a bit more work, because it’s not the same red as the others.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

June in Review

The first half of July was kinda busy, and I'm only just getting back into the swing of things here at the tower. Good news, I successfully took the first part of the CPA exam. We'll see if I passed it sometime next month. Fingers crossed.

Only got in a couple of sessions of Stonehell this past month, and they were all spent in the side delve. Did get to finally bring in the first dragon in the campaign. Only took 100 sessions to get there.

Curse of Strahd is continuing on. We’re in some side dream dungeon that’s the home of some old Barovian god, based on Gary Gygax’s “Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan” Thankfully I never read or played it, so it’s all fresh and new to me. Of course my swashbuckler Zaadia just made out with some water fay, and got charmed to go down into her lair… I’ll find out next week how that’s gonna end up going… I might be rolling up a new character. Which, honestly, would be okay. Character death happens, but I bet my DM wiggles me out of it. Thinking maybe a gnome druid?

I spent a grand total of 45 minutes painting this month. It was spent painting the eyes and mouths of the gnolls.
More about that tomorrow...



CPA Ninja study guide

Movies/TV Watched
Good Omens - SO GOOD!
Fleabag - Also good, but in an entirely different way!

Finish the gnolls
Start on something for Reapercon.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Fuck Trump (part 2)

The response to my post on Sunday “Fuck Trump” about how and Ravelry banned posts showing support for Trump was… well, there was only one response. A special little snowflake felt the need to try to comment on it.


3 hours apart.

But I’ve got comment moderation turned on because of all the spam bots that would otherwise flood my blog. So poor triggered Brian’s attempts to spew bile failed.

So he emailed me. Because of course he did. He had to be sure that this "libtard" knew that my blog was "marginally interesting" until that post.

Brian Fiscus, I hope you see this.

Fuck you.
Fuck Trump supporters.
Fuck anyone who approves of children being kept in cages.
Fuck white supremacists, neo-nazis, neo-confederates, the KKK, gun nuts, and anyone who supports them.

Now, I'm gonna try to limit my politics here, and get back to the gaming material.

And now for your Joesky Tax

What do the goblins want?
1. Bug Juice, the good stuff...
2. The dwarf's boot laces
3. Something to add to their collection of shiny things
4. A pet
5. Picture books
6. Black leather outfits
7. Colorful wrestling masks
8. Something that goes "BOOM!"
9. A new home
10. A new god
11. A new boss
12. Lunch