Monday, August 3, 2020

Battlefleet Gothic Coming Into Orbit - Transports

I joined a couple of groups on Facebook that have resparked my interest in Battlefleet Gothic. The first was a Starship Modeler group, and that lead me to joining a BFG group. Mostly cause I didn't have the space to start building starships from Star Trek. Not at the scale I'd like. Not in this tiny apartment....

But BFG ships are all pretty small... And while I do have a sizable collection of Imperials, Chaos, Tau and Orcs... They're all in storage. And rather than try to dig them out, I just ordered some 3D prints.

After cleaning the supports off of them, I gave them a good wash, and then primed them black.

As you can see, there's a good assortment of Space Marine ships and a bunch of transports (middle to bottom right) along with a  pair of system ships (bottom left). Also in the mix are some Noble Armada ships (silver top left) that I had in the back of my mini box.

All primed!


And here are the transports all painted up, along with a pair of system ships. It's hard to see but they're painted up like Coast Guard ships.

The goal with these was colorful. I think I nailed it.

Stonehell: More Wandering in the Living Caves

Session 141 was played on 5/3

Karl, Dwarf 8 (Julia)
Hobart (dog)
Kili, Cleric 6 (Matt)
Boris, Cleric 5 (Jeff)
Morgana, Mage 3 (Robert)
Borumar, Thief 7 (Josh)
Joho, Mystic (Chris)
Daton, Fighter (Jay)

Picking up in the Western Living Caves, the party stumbles on a pitfall trap that Boris triggers, causing some hurt and killing Noxic and another hireling.

Moving on they’re set upon by 4 giant spiders with yellowjacket coloring and sticky forelegs. Karl, Joho, and Morgana all are grabbed and gnawed on before the creatures are killed.

Down a sloping passage with some bad air, they recover some silver bars and a gold necklace from a long dead adventurer’s pack.

In a large cave with a watering hold swarming with snakes, Karl drops a nate-bomb, roasting each and every one of them.

In a smaller cave they fight an ooze, but mostly succeed in breaking it into a bunch of smaller oozes.

After a bit more exploring they call it a delve and head back to town.

Lady Morgana buys a magic dagger that’s been put up for private sale through the wizards guild. Joho has a potion of antivenom brewed up, while Borumar buys a potion of gaseous form, and also pays to have his dog trained for the next month to make him hopefully more likely to survive the deeper levels. Boris makes a scroll of remove curse.

Gains: silver bars, gold necklace,
Kills: grey ooze, snakes, giant rhagodessa
Losses: Noxic, other hireling (can’t read the name)

Saturday, August 1, 2020

July in Review

The pandemic continues. Summer has well and truly arrived. It’s hot, and sticky, and generally I hate it. Work this month was rough with a bunch of people furloughed and fired. My workload has increased just as I’m getting back to studying for the CPA exam.

Stonehell continues to be a blast, but I’m so so far behind in my session reports. I do finally have a player who leveled up their character to 9th level! So that’s interesting as we work out the logistics of building a stronghold!

Last month was way more productive than this month. I’ve been distracted and displeased with my efforts on the character minis I was working on, so moved them to the shelf of shame and picked out some easy minis to work on. Currently on my tray are some centipedes, a filth beast, basilisk, and graveyard golem. Mostly they’re based and primed.

Movies/TV Watched

The Good Place, seasons 1, 2, and half of 3
Star Wars Return of the Jedi
Star Wars The Force Awakens
Star Wars The Last Jedi
The Last Airbender (SO BAD!)

Books Read
Stand Into Danger by Alexander Kent
In Gallant Company by Alexander Kent

Continue to catch up on Stonehell session reports
Survive the pandemic
Get back into gear with my CPA studies.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Outhouses part 2

A while back I posted about the outhouses I'd made, but at the time I hadn't painted them. Well, now I've painted one of them. Sadly no work in progress pics, but the colors were Reaper's Rotting Wood, Ancient Wood, and one of the moss colors.

I still need to add some flock and a bush growing out of the toilet seat. But that's for another post.

And let's be honest, a post about a rotten collapsing outhouse is really on point for 2020....

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Stonehell: Wandering the Living Caves

Session 140 was played on 4/30

Karl, Dwarf 8 (Julia)
Hobart (dog)
Kili, Cleric 6 (Matt)
Boris, Cleric 5 (Jeff)
Morgana, Mage 3 (Robert)
Borumar, Thief 7 (Josh)
Joho, Mystic (Chris)
Daton, Fighter (Jay)

Breakfast in the Korners is giant centipede legs. Lots of them. Joho gives a thousand gold to the kobolds as an investment in the bath house.

Making sure Joho was doing okay, they pack up and head down to level 4. Fairly quickly they encounter a group of depraved berzerkers, not the clan that is Karl’s friend. 2 are killed, 2 are held, and one is put to sleep before they could do much damage. Kili killed the helpless ones. Looting their corpses returned a surprising amount of loot.

The party then spends hours wandering around the living caves, fighting some albino apes (Undoon the hireling is smashed by the apes), and later some rock beetles of some sort.

Game pauses in the dungeon...

Kills: depraved berzerkers, albino apes, rock renders
Losses: Undoon

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Free RPG Day

It's true that right now isn't the safest time to go head out to your FLGS and hang out with a bunch of strangers, crowded around a table, talking excitedly and... it sucks.

But today is *still* Free RPG Day. We're still celebrating the birthday of Gary Gygax (on the 27th), and we're still gonna go Read an RPG in Public this week.

And if your store is still participating maybe go get something, and spend some cash. Your FLGS could use it. And if it isn't, there will be a ton of sales and free stuff to be had online.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Stonehell: Why'd it have to be snakes?

Session 139 was played on 4/26

Karl, Dwarf 8 (Julia)
Hobart (dog)
Kili, Cleric 6 (Matt)
Boris, Cleric 5 (Jeff)
Morgana, Mage 3 (Robert)
Borumar, Thief 7 (Josh)
Joho, Mystic (Chris)

The party heads down into the dungeon, intent on exploring The Living Caves. On the way, as they pass the Hot House, they’re briefly slowed as they kill a giant spider.

Once in the caves, they come to a mud pit, which Borumar carefully searches, with a rope tied to his belt. He finds some shiny rocks, bones, and a LOT of mud...

In a deep side cave, down in a fissure, they spy a metal lockbox. With some impressive engineering and making use of the tar pit, they manage to pull the box out.

In a massive cave with a pool of water, they find some snakes, and Joho gets bit! Morgana sleeps the remaining snakes, and they’re killed while Joho turns shades of green that are highly inappropriate. “Guys, I don’t feel so good…” he says before passing out. Lacking any means to effectively treat snake venom, and worried that they won’t have time to get out of the dungeon, the party picks Joho up and they RUN as fast as they can to Kobold Korners. The market is alive and bustling, and Keeper Nolti meets them almost immediately. Seeing the situation, the party calls in the favors they’d been offered for the gears a little while back. Nolti sends Joho to the bathhouse.

While Joho is tended to, with Borumar looking on, and being taken care of himself, the rest of the party does some shopping. Karl buys candy from the giant caterpillar with weirdly human hands. Boris acquires a bottle of antivenom and a bottle of strength from The Phairy Pharmacist.

10th Kingdom

Renting out the inn, the party crashes for the night.

Gains: lock-box coins, gems, candy
Kills: Spider, snakes