Wednesday, May 4, 2022

April '22 in Review

Fun things to do in the middle of a pandemic:
Close on a house
Quit your old job
Pack up everything
Unpack enough stuff
Start a new job

Unfortunately that hasn’t left a lot of time for blogging… or much of anything else either.

Only got to play one session, and the party decided to spend a little time in the Fey Halls on the 2nd level of the dungeon.

This is the only work I did on minis in April.

Star Trek Voyager, season 1
Star Trek Picard S2
Our Flag Means Death (loved it!)
Severance (few episodes left, creepy…)

What Abigail Did That Summer by Ben Aaronovitch
The Furthest Station  by Ben Aaronovitch

Goals - I’ve already got my mini painting stuff unpacked and have begun work on a big mini. I want to get that finished up. Play more D&D. Find and visit the local FLGS.

Monday, April 4, 2022

Bones Kobolds

A long time ago I picked up some minis from Reaper made out of thise new "bones" material, and decided to see how they worked. Out of that initial set were some kobolds that I used to experiment on with some different paints. 

Now, years later I'm back to painting kobolds. These are new sculpts from Reaper Minis from their Bones V kickstarter. I picked these 4 mooks to work on. And again, I primed half of them. This time I used a sample airbrush primer that was an orange color.

Aside from the fact that it did seem to help keep paint from rubbing off a bit, I actually found that I preferred the unprimed figures. 

I did sadly neglect to take a pic of the new kobolds with the old, but when I get a few more painted up I'll do that. 

Colors used include:

  • Walnut Brown
  • Kobold Scale
  • Dragon Green
  • Nut Brown
  • Shadowed Steel
  • Yellowed Bone
  • Pure Black and Pure White

Saturday, April 2, 2022

March '22 in Review

Fun things to do in the middle of a pandemic:
Find and buy a house (in progress)
Find a new job (successful!)
Quit your old job (last day is Friday)
Start Packing

Unfortunately that hasn’t left a lot of time for blogging. I also managed to catch a horrendous cold that knocked me on my ass for over a week. (not COVID, I checked)

What do the players do when they stumble into the lair of a dragon? Run away and bother the mountain trolls! Then almost get smashed by the mountain trolls cause they didn't realize how big a lair it was and how many of them there are. 

I also finished a game I got on Epic Games called Rebel Galaxy, and have been playing my way through Torchlight 2.

Not the most productive front on the mini painting side of things either, but I did manage to finish up a few things.

Star Trek DS9 - Finished
Babylon 5 (season 4)
Star Trek Picard S2
Star Trek Discovery S4 Finished
Turning Red
Venom 2
Spiderman No Way Home

Goals - keeping it really simple this month. Survive the closing, the car buying, the moving...

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

February '22 In Review

Dragging on into year 3, the pandemic continues. It continues to astound me that people are still such wilful morons, both individually and collectively. The lifting of mandates, the push to return to in person office work… I get that not everyone has had the privilege to work from home, but there’s no need to clog up public transportation with people who don’t need to be there and risk making things worse. Again.

And then of course there’s Putin’s stupid crusade to rebuild the USSR. I hope he dies in a bunker sooner rather than later.

My players wandered into a section of the dungeon controlled by a primordial demon who locked them in time for a couple sessions. They did finally manage to find the solution and get themselves free of the curse. I’m terribly behind on my session reports at this point.

A decently productive month, probably better than March will be. The knight and the wraith were painted in a single session, and I’m pleased with how well they came out with a mere 2 hours of work.

Star Trek DS9 - almost at the end.
Babylon 5 (season 4)
Star Trek Prodigy
Star Trek Discovery
Free Guy

Buy a house (in progress)
Paint some minis
Play some D&D

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Bones Plague Rats

 Sometimes when I sit down to paint I'm not particularly motivated by anything on the tray in front of me. Usually it's because there's too much stuff on my tray. That happened to me last week, and I decided to do something about it. 

I gave myself a reset. I cleared off everything, shook out the dust and shavings and put away almost all the paints (only keeping a couple whites and blacks), and moved all the minis that were done or weren't going to get worked on away. Then, I grabbed the 2 plague rats and decided to not only speed paint them, but do it with a limited palette. 

I didn't do anything really fancy with them. Mixing the red, brown, and white got me their diseased skin color. A drop of green added to the mix helped to tone it down from the overly bright color it started as.The sores were painted first with the skin color, then pure red, then red mixed with white, then more white added to that. Tiny pinpricks of white on the pure black eyes helped to bring the eyes to life. A wash of the brown with a tiny bit of black helped to line the paws

 As is typical, I still need to do the bases on them, but otherwise, they're done!

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Review: The Tower of Jhedophar

Another adventure from the stack of Frog God Games grab bag I got, The Tower of Jhedophar is another higher level adventure for D&D 3.5e, this time for mighty 13th-15th level characters. 

Designing adventures for high level characters isn't easy. And this adventure shows why. It's basically a very linear deathtrap with very few meaningful choices allowed to the PCs. The entire goal of the adventure is a powerful wizards staff, but the pile of magic items that can be collected along the way make it just an added bonus. 


For more context, the impenetrable tower is surrounded by an equally impenetrable "labyrinth" that can only be entered through the front door. Or the giant hole the squatting red dragon (who also wants the staff) made. Once they enter the front door, a thick steel wall materializes, sealing them in. The labyrinth surrounds the base of the tower and once inside the disk, the party can go left or right. Once they've explored the outer ring of the linear "labyrinth" they can then explore the inner ring. Once past the monsters and traps there, they can enter the tower, which is even more linear than the "labyrinth" as there isn't even the choice of left or right. 

There are some interesting new monsters, but that's about all that was good about this adventure. At least the writing was better than the Six Spheres.

Monday, January 31, 2022

January in Review

Dragging on into year 3, the pandemic continues. It astounds me how this long into it people are still such morons, both individually and collectively.

Aside from that, I rolled over some vacation time from last year and spent a day of it for myself. I ordered a pizza, watched The Witcher (season 1) and painted some minis. Great way to spend a day.

A few absent players returned to the dungeon, and a dragon was hunted in my Stonehell game! And boy oh boy did they get lucky.

I started the year off right by painting up a squad of Rent-a-Space-Cops for Stargrave, then followed it up with a bubblegum pink ninja. I also pulled out a quartet of sorceresses that I was feeling inspired to work on. One area of painting I’ve been deficient in is faces. Especially female faces. So I’m going to take this year to improve on that.

Star Trek DS9 (nearly done with season 7)
Babylon 5 (season 3)
Harry Potter 2-7
The Witcher season 1
Star Trek Prodigy

Goals - This section doesn't really change much
Catch up on session reports
Finish all the minis I started this month, and all the minis I have planned for Feb
Play some D&D