Thursday, November 26, 2015

DCC Dire Turkey

"This isn't a joke!" The farmer's face contorted as embarrassment, fear, and desperation flashed rapidly across it.

"Where did it come from?"

"A druid came through a couple of weeks ago. When he demanded I let him sleep in my barn I asked for something in return... he offered to bless my harvest feast bird... to make it the biggest bird the hamlet had ever seen and to make its flesh rich and wonderful." He paused. "In hindsight I should probably have just let him stay without bother."

"That would have been wiser." Rathgar sighed. "So where is this overgrown turkey?"

"Its been in the pumpkin field since yesterday." He said pointing off to the north. "Blake's boy went out to shoot it last evening. He only riled it up, and..." He gulped. "His body is still out in the field."

Dire Turkey: Init +2; Atk bite +9 melee (2d6) or claw +9 melee (2d6); AC17; HD 7d10; MV 30', fly 15'; Act 1d20; SV Fort+7, Ref +8, Will +0; AL N.

The dire turkey is a stupid and overly territorial bird. It's primary attack is pecking the target and flinging it into the air. On a successful attack that is 4+ over the target's AC, a medium sized opponent will be thrown in a random direction 1d12 feet and take an additional 1d6 damage. Small opponents will be thrown 3d6 feet and take an addition 2d4 damage.

A Dire Turkey may also perform a kick attack. Opponents hit with the feet must make a saving throw vs petrification or be stunned for 1d4 rounds. Opponents wearing a helm get a +2 to the saving throw.

Dire Turkey meat is highly prized and will fetch a good price if the market is available for it. A full grown dire turkey can easily fetch in excess of 75gp in a large village.

Image Source: Monster Turkey by Tenshi3D

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

#6MMRPC Painting DDS Terrain!

I'm trying really hard to get my Dragons Don't Share set painted by the end of the year. 5 weeks left... Seems like plenty of time, but there's a lot going on during those weeks. We'll see how it goes.

So I built a mausoleum, or most of one. Still needs a roof and some decorations.

But mostly, I worked on the DDS terrain...

 Lucy wasn't much help.

I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out. I need to add some more snow in the corners, and bit of water effects for the wet spots... and the treasure on the dragon's base. But aside from that, the major painting is done!!

And if you look closely, you can see one piece of Frostgrave scatter terrain in the bottom right of the corner that's gotten some paint too. I wanted to see how well the foam takes craft paint. Answer: okay, but not great. Needs multiple coats.

The paints I used.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Playing Frostgrave

As I said in my last post, this weekend I got together with some local-ish gamers to build terrain and play Frostgrave. Now, i've had the rulebook for about a month and a half now, but I hadn't yet played a game.

And because I'd been totally focused on building terrain, I hadn't spent much of any time thinking about a warband, or even more importantly a wizard! But I've got a lot of minis. I made a quick look the night before at what I can buy for the starting 500 gold, and settled on:
1 Apprentice (200)
1 Knight (100)
2 Crossbowmen (50 each)
2 Thugs (20 each)
2 Thieves (20 each)
1 Warhound (10)

I had a small group of empire militia that worked for the thieves, thugs, and x-bowmen, and snagged one of the old Hounds of Orion (wood elves) that I'd used as a Khorne Dog for my World Eaters army for the warhound.

I also tossed a mantic zombie in the mix, figuring I'd play a necromancer. I've got a lot of necromancer type minis... In the end, I used Satheras as my wizard, and the undertaker as the aprentice. The knight was Mangu Timur.

This is the board at the start of the game. My necromancer set up at the bottom of the board. Chris' necromancer was over on the right, and Rob's illusionist was on the left.

Funny enough, Chris used the same mini as his necromancer! Rob's warband was mostly made of minis that were made before I was born...

My hound got the first kill of the game, Chris' tracker, while the bowman watches and my knight follows close behind.

My poor thug trying to stop a knight and footman (thug?) from taking the treasure. Off to the right, Chris' wizard lurks in the ruin.

Looking pensive...

Didn't go so well for the thug, but the hound and knight were quick to arrive. Chris' wizard lurks in the ruins, hiding from my crossbowmen.

My thief dead after having slain Rob's apprentice, then trying to take on the knight and another dude with treasure.  My knight and hound chasing another of Rob's guys with treasure, but stopped and both killed by the spearman! Chris' zombie almost stops the treasure from being taken off the table by Rob.

Chris' wizard got greedy, snagged a treasure and made a run for it. My wizard, his apprentice, and the useless zombie (seriously, the guy shuffled around the board being completely ineffective...) went after him, along with the 2 crossbowmen. It didn't work so well for Chris' wizard... or his apprentice who tried to help, or the knight that tried... to snag the treasure from her fallen employers.

Low point of the game was my wizard trying to cast Wall 3 times, and failing so badly that he hurt himself each time!!

In the end we each got 3 treasures off the board, but Rob was down an apprentice, Chris had lost both his apprentice and wizard, whereas I still had both my spellcasters! So I was declared winner. My losses included the knight, warhound, a thief and a thug. The crossbowmen were extremely effective, especially once they hid themselves behind a neck high wall that had a decent field of view.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Building Frostgrave Together!

I got together with a couple of local gamers who are joining me on the $25 terrain challenge to work on terrain and then actually play some Frostgrave. Today is about what we all built!

I built the mausoleum. It will have a roof eventually... And maybe some pillars to help dress it up a bit.

Greg built a pillar for this dollar store statue

And these pieces of scatter terrain.

Chris built this fountain and courtyard. You can see more of his efforts at this thread on the Reaper forum. And you definitely do, because he built in a LED light effect into it!

And Rob, finding out that Dave Graffam models on DriveThruRPG were on sale for $0.95 each, opted to build some crosspiece wall ruins. Not sure if it was from kit # 1, 2, 3, or low ruins though...

It's been a long long time since I spent a good part of a day working on terrain with someone other than my dogs for company. Actually having people working on the same sort of thing, at the same time? A blast!

Tomorrow I'll post about the game we played after lunch.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

#6MMRPC More Frostgrave Terrain

Lots more progress on the terrain. No painting though...

Teleport pads. They're actually primed black now, so I guess I did a little painting this week...
Testing out a bookshelf concept. I liked it, but it needed a little tweaking. 
Floor of the raised ruin. I added texture to it after scribing in the tiles and symbols.
I made a measuring jig for the popsicle sticks. 
Making sure the stick is in flat.
Drawing lines

And cutting. 
And cutting... Works well on the foam too. 
Sides of the ruin.
Side of the ruin scribed. 
Beginning to glue the ruin together. Note the 4 corner columns being glued together.
Scatter terrain based. 
And the statues with magnet installed.