Monday, May 21, 2018

Flesh Golem & Harpy

These two minis were painted concurrently with Blightfang, and so used the same pallet of colors. Apparently my answer to “Painting Green Skin Is Hard and Looks Wrong” is to paint an orc-ton of green skinned things (though no actual orcs). Blightfang was easier, because leaf shaped scales are supposed to be green.

I originally went with Imperial Purple for the Harpy’s wings, but switched them over to Burgundy Wine when I pulled that color out for Blightfang. The Creature got to keep his Imperial Purple pants.

The eyes were painted with Linen White, with Walnut Brown for the iris. The creature’s teeth and nails were painted with Dirty Bone. I went back and forth on how to deal with the scars & stitches, and started by using Old West Rose mixed with the dragon green.

For the Harpy’s feathers I went with Rick Leather as the base, but for her claws I went with a drybrush of the Redstone Shadow and Walnut brown blend that I mixed in my well pallet.

Then it was time to get to the basing...

I still need to do the final cleanup of the base and clear coating them, but otherwise they're done!

Total Minis Painted in 2018: 35

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Stonehell: Heartless are Scary!

Session 61 was played on 2/6

Eiric, wizard 6 (Kat)
- men at arms (Koltic)
- linkmen (Lomax)
- Neon (dog)
A-A-Ron, Thief 6 (Henchman)
Daryll, Cleric 6 (Henchman)
Orpheus, Human Fighter 5 (Henchman)
Karl, Dwarf 6 (Julia)
- Hobart (dog)
- men at arms (Scar, Volstagg)
Lex the Cheeseman, Fighter 3

Brie, wizard 3 (Apprentice to Eiric)
Noxic, GoMat

Turning away from the Danse Macabre doors, the party turns toward the next set of unquiet crypts, and are immediately set upon by crypt shades and shadows. Then waves of zombies and more crypt shades emerge as the party fights its way to Mal’s chamber… which isn’t occupied, and looks like it’s been recently ransacked.

The party returns to the back door of Kobold Korners, and does a room by room sweep looking for more undead. Down by the stairs to the Hobgoblin Redoubt, they see not only the kobold watch stationed there, but also Brie! Everyone is thrilled to be reunited, and the party heads back down to talk with Trustee Sniv.

Resting for a few hours, the party gears up, and heads to the Reptile House. Encountering another group of Heartless, GoMat runs again, Darryl turns 2, they kill one, and capture the last by roping it up. Eiric asks Darryl to try to speak to it. Not expecting the spell to work, Darryl casts Speak With Dead. The heartless’ blank eyes blink, and then look to Darryl, and he asks his 3 questions. The heartless responds with an echoing dry raspy voice:
Darryl: Who made you?
Heartless: Ka-Nafer
D: Where is he?
H: Come find me…
D: What are you?
H: Your doom!
Darryl tells the rest of the party that he doesn’t think the spell worked as intended, and that he doesn’t think he was talking to the heartless in front of him.

They destroy the Heartless, and move to the recently excavated passage down into the sublevel. The flicker of blue flames from below heralds their next encounter...

Gains: Brie, GoMat, Noxic
Kills: Crypt Shades, Shadows, Zombies, Heartless
Losses: GoMat (again)

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

5e: Giant craving for a midnight snack

From: Fulhoff of Clan Balderk
To: Helja and Adrik of Clan Balderk

Mother & Father,

Chronicling the Battle of Goldenfields has taken longer than the fighting did…

We were feeling incredibly sure of ourselves as a wave of goblins appeared at the treeline. Swinging my hammer, I sent a bolt of lightning through their ranks, the flash and crack of which clearly demoralized them. My perhaps overpowered assault was followed up by a barrage of ranged attacks that cut through the goblin ranks… which then revealed the ogres and bugbears driving them forward. I called upon another lightning bolt, as did the resident wizard Naxine, lining up our shots to cause the maximum amount of damage. The trees based at the bugbears who hacked ineffectively at them, and a few more goblins took pot shots before running away.

By this point my ears were ringing, and I could barely see for the spots in my eyes, so much of the next few seconds was lost to me, but I did see one ogre fall (felt it too) and watched the other run. And that’s when we heard the bell tolling from the abbey.

The locals fighting with us took off toward the ringing, and we were steps behind. I chugged down a healing potion on the way, still smarting from the bugbear’s javelin. As we neared the abbey, we heard more sounds of combat, but coming from the nearby wall. Shifting direction we arrived to find a pair of hill giants standing on the wall, along with some ogres and bugbears scrambling up the inside. I blasted one, and then Journey cast the spell of the battle! She summoned a (small) Sleet Storm that instantly slowed the giants and ogres, even causing them to slip and fall! Unfortunately none fell off the wall… but it kept them from running and hiding.

This battle was even more chaotic than the last, as the sleet storm heavily obscured what exactly was going on on the wall. Thankfully giants are fairly sizable targets, even prone, and so we were able to pepper them with attack after attack. The few guards still around were mostly useless, terrorized at the slaughter they’d suffered through, but Kevin… Kevin stood his ground atop the wall blasted by a sleet storm, face to face with a giant! It was his simple guardsman’s blade that killed the first giant. His mettle was tested that night, and in his chest beats a heart of iron.

The other giant named Glob, cold, wet, injured, and demoralized by the death of his friend begged for mercy. We granted it. Taking him from the wall, we questioned him. Apparently the whole raid was set up by Gua, the matriarch of his tribe who demanded food and loot. The goblins lead them to Goldenfields, and the bugbears are the brains of the operation designed the raid... and not only took food, but also hostages. Women and children. And that was on top of the casualties they cause in their raid...

Monday, May 14, 2018

Halloween Knight

Reaper's Halloween Knight was 2016's convention exclusive miniature, and is a great sculpt!

I actually finished painting him a while ago, but never got around to taking any pictures and sharing how I painted him. Aside from the head, this is was a relatively simple mini to paint. I keep calling it a tabletop quality mini, with a really nice head. I used the same colors to paint the gourd as I used to paint the robes of the King in Yellow, except that I added a bit of green into the grooves of the pumpkin.

The bulk of the armor was painted with shadowed steel, then washed with BloodHowl's Armor wash. I then brought it up with blade steel, and highlighted with honed steel.

The details were picked out with Dragon Gold (I think)

The cloak was painted with Imperial Purple brought up with increasing amounts of Linen White and Nightmare Black for the shadows. The inside of the cloak was painted with Muddy Olive, with linen white for the barest of highlights, and a touch of Imperial Purple for the shadows. It's not as clean or smooth as I'd like. Definitely need to work on that.

I don't remember what browns I used for the inside of the shield, but Nightmare black was used for the face of it.

Eventually I want to put him on a base, but that's going to wait till I decide on how I want to base him. I kinda want to theme it around a bunch of halloween figures and haven't settled on what yet. It'll probably involve pumpkins.

Total Minis Painted in 2018: 33

Friday, May 11, 2018

Blightfang (part 1)

Dragons aren’t so big and scary. Certainly not after I completed my 3 Dragon Challenge. And having a bunch of them bagged up, unpainted, unassembled… unloved? Just felt wrong. Especially since I’ve been giving giants such attention lately. So, digging through my box of Bones dragons, I decided to tackle Blightfang. Seemed only fair as he was a main antagonist in my first 5e campaign.

After the usual hot soapy bath and scrub with a toothbrush, I realized the first thing I needed to do was figure out a base for him. What size? Thankfully, I have lots of options. Mostly for giggles I tried him on a 3” base. He fit… but only just, and looked ridiculous. Both 4” and 5” looked much better, but given my limited shelf space, I decided to be a little conservative and go with the 4” base.

Next I had to decide what to assemble, and what to leave off to make painting a little easier. The rear leg and tail didn’t get in the way. Neither did the head or neck. The front leg and wings though, they’d be a problem, so they didn’t get glued on. The base for the rear feet… didn’t really fit. The legs didn’t want to squish together. I tried. Rather than try to force it, I decided to build up the base with cork. I added in a bunch of gravel and coffee grounds to the base to blend it all together.

Blightfang himself was base coated with Green liner, while the base got the airbrush primer I got at Reapercon. I then mixed a bland of Green Liner with (what else?) Dragon Green, and then just a pure Dragon Green layer. The chest plates were painted with Vallejo’s Red Leather, and the back fin/spines and wing membranes were painted with Walnut Brown, and then a blend of Burgundy Wine and Walnut Brown.

I then dug out my old pot of GW’s Leviathan Purple Wash, which turned out to be both mostly empty and fairly sludgy, and added in a whole lot of Reaper’s flow improver. Once I got it back to a useable state, I basically bathed Blightfang in it, except for the wing and back fin.

After touching up some of the spots where the liner rubbed off, I went back over him with Dragon Green, and then successively lighter layers of blended Dragon Green with more and more Sun Yellow.

Returning my attention to the base, I decided to wash the ground cover with a 1:1 Walnut Brown:Flow Improver mix, and to paint the rocks with the Redstone Triad.

I then realized I'd mostly ignored the head... so...

Bringing up the color of the fin and wings, I used Red Leather mixed with Burgundy Wine… and was really unhappy with it. For one thing, it was too dark, though with successive layers I knew I could bring it up, but the real issue was that there wasn’t any POP! It wasn’t eye catching. It needed something more, so I thought about what might work, and settled on red. Specifically I was thinking of the vibrant red of a maple leaf in autumn. So, out came Heraldic Red.