Monday, April 22, 2019

Bugbears part 2

I showed off 3/4 of the conversions in my last post. For the final guy, I decided to give him a sword. Well, it’s really more of a really big jungle blade than a propper sword. Originally I was going for something a little more fantastic looking, but my plasticard skills are not that good. Once I’d glued the blade into the handle, it was time to start painting. But first, bases!

I actually struggled a bit on what bases to use for these guys. I’ve got a lot of different bases, but I’m actually out of the 40mm square bases I used for the first guy. I tried them out on 32mm bases that they were a little too big for. It would have worked, but not looked as good. I ended up using a small stash of GW round 40mm bases that I’m pretty sure were supposed to be for some Riders of Rohan. Ah well, they’ll need something else if/when I get back to them.

Now, I’d already done a bit of color matching, but there was a fair bit of rubbed off paint, so everything that needed it got more Brown Liner. I then used pumpkin orange on their exposed skin. It isn’t a color that covers well by itself, certainly not in one layer, but it’s the shade I’m looking for so… I also painted the eyes, noses, and mouths with Walnut Brown, and then painted the eyeballs and teeth with Linen White. The irises were painted with Forest Green.

More Pumpkin Orange, mixed with some Tanned Flesh, and then Rosy Flesh for the skin. The armor and weapons were painted with Scorched Metal as the base color.

I was originally think of going more blond with the hair, kinda like the old Chainmail Bugbear, but Reaper’s are a little less lion-esk, and I like how my original Bones Bugbear looks, so I went darker, using a tiny bit of Walnut Brown mixed with a couple drops of Pumpkin Orange.

The leather straps and belt were painted first with Walnut Brown, then with Tanned Leather. The loincloths, shin and forearm coverings were painted with a mix of Cloudy Grey and Blue, as close as I could get to whatever GW grey I used on the original bugbear. I also used Forest Green on their coin pouches.

There are going to be some remarkably uniform bugbears. Whoever equipped them was remarkably consistent!

Their skin could use a little more highlight after the wash, so Tanned Skin plus a bit of Pumpkin Orange was used for that.

Next up will be finishing the weapons and armor, maybe one more highlight on the skin, and then the bases.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Sunday Inspirational Image: Discovery over Earth

This week the final episode of season 2 of Star Trek Discovery aired... and... well, I'm ready to go back to season 1 and watch it all, all over again.
by Cannikin1701

Monday, April 15, 2019

Stonehell: Death of Ka'Nefer... or not...

Session 92 was played on 3/9

Koltic, Cleric 3 (Chris)
Jurda, wizard 1 (henchman)
Kili, Dwarf Cleric 3 (Matt)
Brie, wizard 4 (Apprentice to Eiric)
Darryl, Cleric 6 (Henchman)
Lucrecia Thief 2 (Henchman)
Lex the Cheeseman, Fighter 4 (Henchman)

Stayed in Town:
Eiric, wizard 7 (Kat)
A-A-Ron, Thief 6 (Henchman) (stayed in town)
Orpheus, Human Fighter 6 (Henchman)
Linkman (Lolmox)
Karl, Dwarf 7 (Julia)
Men at Arms (Rawin)

While Eiric worked on various arcane tasks, and Karl got drunk, Koltic and Kili decided to head into Stonehell, taking most of the NPCs with them. Orpheus and A-A-Ron opted not to join in.

Heading in the back way, they encounter 8 heartless. Lex and Darryl flee the way they’d come back toward the hobgoblin tunnel. Kili and Koltic manage to turn 3 of them. Two are set on fire, Brie blasts another with magic missiles, then summons a demon into herself, and stabs it to death, while the remaining 2 are cut down. Over the course of the battle Koltic ends up paralyzed, Brie injured, Koltic paralized again… but the party survives without any fatalities.

Retrieving their comrades, the party presses deeper into level 2, and are attacked by 3 giant oil beetles, which are quickly cut down before their caustic spray can do much.

Feeling their injuries, the party decides to head back to town for the night. Kili is wracked with nightmares and wakes with a new spell in his head… Esratsept Lens of the Mind! Like a worm burrowing deep, it sits, waiting to be called upon by some-thing other than the Lord of the Seven Pointed Star...

The next day they return to the dungeon, and head from the hobgoblin tunnels to the stairs up to the quiet halls. On the stairs, 4 stirges attack the party, Lex suffering the worst for it.

In the Quiet Halls things seem initially quiet. The party makes it through several rooms without incident, but as soon as they make it to the corridor with the teleport chamber, a cold purple flame springs up, burning Lex before flashing off…

And then around the corner a troop of Mummy Wardens and Ka’ Nefer come walking! Kili, Koltic, Jurda, and Brie are all frozen at the sight of them, but Darryl manages to turn the wardens. Lex charges Ka’Nefer, but the mummy lord is surprisingly nimble and avoids the mummy-slaying blade. Darryl removes the fear from Kili and Koltic, and Kili uses his new spell desperately hoping it’ll work…

Ka’Nefer… is knocked dumb, and Lex hacks his dry form apart. The party quickly collects the jewelry draped on Ka’Nefer, and flees the dungeon.

Gains: 3,000gp in jewelry
Kills: Fire Beetles, Heartless, Ka’Nefer (sort of...)

Tuesday, April 9, 2019


Good Goofy Fun!

This post will contain spoilers

My cousin took my out to see Shazam for my birthday. I’ve been iffy on DC superhero movies, since they can’t seem to find the right balance between silly and… not even serious but EMO!!!!

Shazam nails it. Orphan Billy Batson, lost in a fair at 3 years old, is looking for his mom, ends up with a cool foster family (seriously, I wish they were all like this) and gains the powers of the wizard Shazam!

Before Billy though, there were other children… children who failed… and one spends his life hunting down a way to get the power he was denied. Dr. Sivana made for a really sympathetic villain, and also you could tell Mark Strong had a blast playing the part.

Honestly, the story exactly what it appears to be in the previews, but the way it’s handled is so perfectly done, and with just enough twist to make it memorable. Especially when Billy finally does find his mom, and it turns out she was just a scared teenager who made a bad choice, and has apparently made more bad choices going forward. I didn’t expect that they were going to go that way with the story.

I also appreciated how important family was in this movie. And it didn’t matter that it wasn’t family by blood, but rather family by choice. Found family, collected family, family that’s a little broken, but still good. Yes, I’m thinking of Lilo and Stitch here.

DC has finally managed to make a movie that should be the template for their cinematic universe. Now, obviously there isn’t going to be anything quite so silly as “Big, but with Super Powers” but they need to step away from the GRIM DARK EMO MY PARENTS ARE DEAD schtick, and make it FUN.

And stay for the scene at the end of the credits. Totally worth it.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Bugbear Conversions

When Bones 3 arrived, it came with a whole bunch of bugbears and gnolls. Now I don't really need 5 identical bugbears all armed with floppy maces. So...

The first 2 got simple weapon swaps. One got an ax from the Reaper weapon spew, the other got a kebab skewer.

The third one I decided to try to get a little more creative, so out came the xacto... and the greenstuff.

It may not be professional quality, but no one will notice on the table when there are a bunch of them on the table.

Dude with the kebab skewer got a GW Beastmen spiked ball on the end, and the gent with the 2 handed weapon got a plasticard blade. I'm thinking of adding a spike on the reverse...

Of course I have no idea how I painted the first bugbear... not helping things is that I painted him with GW paints, and now I'm using Reaper paints...