Wednesday, March 2, 2022

February '22 In Review

Dragging on into year 3, the pandemic continues. It continues to astound me that people are still such wilful morons, both individually and collectively. The lifting of mandates, the push to return to in person office work… I get that not everyone has had the privilege to work from home, but there’s no need to clog up public transportation with people who don’t need to be there and risk making things worse. Again.

And then of course there’s Putin’s stupid crusade to rebuild the USSR. I hope he dies in a bunker sooner rather than later.

My players wandered into a section of the dungeon controlled by a primordial demon who locked them in time for a couple sessions. They did finally manage to find the solution and get themselves free of the curse. I’m terribly behind on my session reports at this point.

A decently productive month, probably better than March will be. The knight and the wraith were painted in a single session, and I’m pleased with how well they came out with a mere 2 hours of work.

Star Trek DS9 - almost at the end.
Babylon 5 (season 4)
Star Trek Prodigy
Star Trek Discovery
Free Guy

Buy a house (in progress)
Paint some minis
Play some D&D