Wednesday, August 4, 2021

July in Review

The Pandemic continues… and the Delta Variant is still way less exciting than the Loki Variant. If anyone is curious, I still wear my mask anytime I’m indoors and not in my own home. I recommend that you follow the WHO guidelines on that, even if you're vaccinated. I'm really not looking forward to going back to the office next month.

There have been several glorious thunderstorms that I've really enjoyed watching from my covered balcony.

Nick hasn’t gotten to come put and play this month, but I’ve run a bit of Stonehell. I made up a new side dungeon based on an old map I drew years ago. Recently stocked it up, and now putting it through its paces. It’s an interesting and deadly little dungeon and I look forward to sharing it with you… as soon as my players wrap up with it.

I *have* the solo Stargrave rules printed out… but haven’t cleared off the table to play it yet.

Bones V arrived this month. I’m still slowly sorting through it but I couldn't help but paint up the big black dragon that I got.

Aside from that, it was a bit of a lack-luster month. Painted a couple of ghosts, a couple of fantasy minis, and a mushroom.

Star Trek DS9 season 5 into season 6
Various netflix comedy specials
Star Trek Lower Decks (new season starts in a little over a week!!)
Ted Lasso season 1 (first half)
Mask of Zorro
Loki - So good!

Goals - keeping it simple again this month.
Play at least 1 game of Stargrave
Paint some minis
Play some D&D