Friday, December 7, 2018

Blightfang part 2

Way back in May I wrote about painting up Blightfang, but never got around to writing the end of the WiP.

Thankfully, I took notes on what I did!

I added some more highlights of Heraldic Red onto the fin and wings, and then mixed in some Sunrise Orange. The teeth were painted with dirty bone, and then lightened with Linen White. I also went over the less scaly parts of the legs with Jungle Moss, then gave it a drybrush of 1:1 viper green & Sun Yellow.

Not really being sure what else to do, I painted the elbow spikes and horns with the same red/orange as the wings. I then flocked the base, and... that's it! And looking at these pictures, I realized I never cleaned up the base, so it's since been painted black around the edge.

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