Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Undead of October part 8

Jokes On You

I’ve been poking at Hecklemeyer and Styx for a while now, and I think I’ve reached the “it ain’t gonna get better than this” stage. The color pallet has been very limited. Nightshade Black, Linen White, Dirty Bone, Yellowed Bone, Succubus Kiss, Fresh Blood, Pumpkin Orange, Sun Yellow, Oh, and just a tiny bit of blue for the puppet tied to his leg. Okay, maybe not all that limited.

Once I decided I was done with painting it was time to do the base. I popped Styx off of his base, and positioned him a bit to see where I thought he’d look good. I then rolled out some greenstuff, stuck Styx in, and started sculpting the floor tiles. As usual I used Brown Liner as the primer, and then went with my standard Redstone Shadow, Stone Grey, Linen White base.

Also, I realized I never posted the finished Bone Fiend, so here it is.

And with that, my Undead of October Project is finally complete!

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