Thursday, November 29, 2018

New Spell: Thorny Crown of the Seven Pointed Star

Alianora’s scalp bled, the blood soaking in her hair, and flowed down her face, over her clenched eyes. Rathgar, Nimble, Feris, and Selina all felt slightly less exhausted, less achy as the next wave of goblinoids jumped down from the ruins of the old fort.

“How long can you keep this up?” Rathgar asked pulling his sword from the chest of a goblin.

Nimble’s dagger lodged firmly in the skull of the goblin that was heading right for her. The lifeless body dropping at her feet.

“Not long!”

1st level Cleric Spell
Thorny Crown of the Seven Pointed Star
Range: 30’
Duration: varies
Effect Area heal effect

This spell will allow the cleric to heal 1 point of damage to 1d6+1 individuals within 30’. On a roll of 7 the caster may spend 1hp to use the effect for an additional round. The caster may also sacrifice hit points on a 1:1 basis to fuel the spell up to 7, however the caster must sacrifice all the way to 7. The cleric cannot benefit from the healing of their own casting of the spell.
(i.e. if the caster chooses, rolling a 5 would require the sacrifice of 3 HP, 2 to get to 7 and 1 for the roll next round)

Rules Cyclopedia D&D doesn't really have a good low level healing aura type spell, and one of the players playing a cleric asked for one. I think this offers a nice balance between healing and potentially hurting. It'll be interesting to see how it plays in game.

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