Thursday, December 20, 2018

Daredevil, Season 3

Yet again, another MCU Netflix show bites the dust after a great season. Because it took me a while to finish Iron Fist, I’d only just started DD when the ax fell, which had me draw out watching it, rather than binging it. Still waiting on news of Jessica Jones and the Punisher getting canceled, but I have little doubt at this point that it’s coming. I’m not even sure we’ll get to see Punisher season 2 at this point. But this... this was a season to be remembered.

The best thing about this season is that it’s all about Fisk, who is, hands down, the best Marvel villain to appear on screen. He seriously is the best, scariest, smartest antagonist out there, and without any superpower beyond being 6+ steps ahead of everyone else. Seeing how well he manipulates everyone, even… especially Daredevil is kinda terrifying to watch. And watching Matt, Foggy, and Karen all desperately try to merely survive it makes for some compelling viewing.

They also introduced Bullseye this season, and what an exceptional way to do it. My only exposure to him was from the horrible movie, and this... this was great.

Having just finished watching the last episode... If this is actually the last season, this was a good way to end it. It was tight.

I still wish there was gonna be more, because it really is so good. At least it didn't have me screaming like Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

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