Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Once again, and for the last time of this campaign, my DM has asked about some minis. Gargoyles. I have a few metal gargoyles painted up, along with some weeping angels that will serve, but I also have some unpainted minis to add to the horde. So time to paint some quick and dirty gargoyles!

Included in this group are the following
Reaper’s Weeping Angels (x4)
Reapers Gargoyle from Bones 3 (x1)
Reaper Bones Vorvorlaka and Bat Demon(bones 2?)
Wizkids Gargoyles (x2)
Random pewter gargoyle

After making sure there weren’t any horrible mold lines, they were all washed with warm soapy water and scrubbed down to remove any oils and dust on them. They were then glued to bases, and all were primed with Grey Liner. I then dry brushed them with Dungeon Stone, Stone Grey, followed lastly by Linen White.

I haven't bothered to flock the bases yet.

They aren’t fancy, but they’ll look good on the table.

I figured 14 gargoyles would be enough for just about any encounter!

Narrators Voice: It was not enough. Not by half...

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