Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Hangout Figure of the Month: November part 2

Continuing where I left off... I went over the scales to bring out a bit of the color that got muted in the wash, going over the red with Heraldic Red and adding highlights of Naga Green. I also touched up the rattle with Tanned Leather.

I also had to paint the white of her eyes back in.

The problem at this point was the nipples. What color are a medusa's nipples??

Well that's no help...

So I asked online, and got suggestions of the same color as her tan scales, purple, darker green, lighter green, whatever color she wants, and repaint her upper body to more realistic flesh colors...


I went with the same color as her belly scales.

Her cuffs and the ends of the bow were painted with Dragon Gold, and the quiver was weathered with driftwood brown.

Of course I still need to do the base, but other than that, I'm calling her done.

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