Tuesday, December 5, 2017

F:GA Crew pt. 2

The crew is really taking shape now! It's nice to work with a solid plastic kit again. It's been a long time since I worked from a single sprue and just built the guys on it. Not since my 40K days really... And given that this is my... 5th kit for Frostgrave, it's my own damned fault for waiting this long.

I snipped out all of the hand weapons and the empty left arms to match with them. There were also 2 shields, and a couple of other accessories that I cut off and gave a quick clean up of. I totally forgot to wash them though. Will remember to do better with the next set. After getting them all glued together, I primed them with Reaper's Brush on Primer.

Then, once dry, it was time to get painting! Keeping with my inspirational picture, I selected Reaper's Soft Blue and Muddy Olive as the base for the cloth, and Rich Leather for hats, flesh, and boots. I used a very diluted Brown Liner for the decking. Everything was cut with Flow Improver.

I really need to build/make a better photo backdrop...

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