Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Almaran the Gold

After bringing Almaran home, I worked on touching him up. This is what he looked like when he came home.

Almaran the Gold, Paladin 77058

I mean, low table top quality really. Not terrible, but really a lot of work to go before I'd want to show it off... at all...

Now, I'd love to tell you exactly how I painted him from here, but I didn't take any WiP pics, nor did I keep track of what exactly I did.

His face was cleaned up with young flesh (I think?) and highlighted with scholar flesh. The eyes are soft blue. The hair was highlighted with tanned leather and then Desert Sand (I think...)

The armor got a little more shadowed steel and honed steel, and then Dragon Gold for the accents hit with New Gold to bring it up a touch. The blue is Soft Blue mixed with either Brown Liner to darken it a touch, or Linen White to lighten it.

The flame started with a yellow, don't know which one, then moved onto Fire Orange, Fire Red, and Heraldic Red

The shield was Brown Liner, brought up with Driftwood Brown, and Desert Sand.

Still need to do the base...

Someone's unimpressed by his sword...

On the other hand, I'm really happy with him! Now let's see if I can do Devona justice.

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