Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Bones Wraith

I started working on this wraith way back before Halloween, and just kind of stalled out on her. The big issue was that I was playing around with some OSL from the lamp, and just didn't like it. So I stuck it in the corner of my paint tray and ignored her. Monday night I pulled her back front and center and went at it.

I started by covering over the poorly done OSL, and then highlighting up using a combination of Nightmare Black, Stone Grey, and just a tiny bit of Linen White. For her flesh I used Shadowed Steel and Filigree Silver.

What's more interesting than the figure or the paintjob is that I let it sit there for MONTHS. It's a simple mini. Sure, you can do a lot with a simple mini, but I was aiming for tabletop level... was unhappy with my efforts, and rather than spend an hour to fix it and get it done, I just set it aside.

Hated this OSL...

Oh, and as for why silver skin? I wasn't sure how I wanted to paint her, and asked my bride. She suggested it, and I thought it might be interesting. Not a choice I'd have made, but I like it.

With her done, I'm now at 42 finished minis this year.

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