Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sir Keegan's Keep - 3rd session report pt 1

This session was played on 2/19, a mere 8 months since the last session.

Cory ran:
Rhogar the Dragonborn Paladin
Ander the Halfling Rogue

Alex ran:
Barakas the Tiefling Warlord
Ulrick the Human Wizard

Picking up where the adventurers left off, they left the ruins of the excavation site, and traveled south into the caves. They're jumped by the rats and the ochre jelly hiding in the corner. Still hurting from the tough previous fight, they managed to defeat the jelly and the rats, though they were very drained by the end of it. After a quick and unsuccesful search for treasure, they decided that it was time to take a rest. They headed back to the surface and camped in the shadow of Keegan's Keep.

In the morning they found themselves refreshed, and 3rd level!

They decided to return to the caves and explore the odd doorway there. Ignoring the warning scribbled upon it, they opened the door and descended the stairs toward the pool below. As usual, the Warlord and the Dragonborn Paladin took point, and Splug the goblin and the wizard hung back. In the middle of small the pool was an island sprinkled with coins and other items that sparkled in the wizards light. As the Paladin prepared to leap onto the island, the water rippled, and a pseudopod smacked him back. The fight was a hard one, and the blue ooze pressed them back. They took a defensive posture on the stairs, and while they managed to defeat it, Splug was slammed repeatedly, and then burned away when the ooze exploded upon death.

They took a moment to catch their breath and morn the loss of their little friend, and then explored the island. In addition to some coin there was a magical shield and a potion of healing, and a cylinder with a message from a hobgoblin tribe to Kalarel!

Heading deeper into the caves they caught the sound of something chittering. Rounding a corner they beheld strange six-limbed reptilian creatures, creatures that swarmed toward them. Ulrick's burning hands torched the hatchlings while the Rhogar and Ander discovered that you don't want to get too close to them, as they seem to go crazy when you do! The creatures were dispatched and the cave searched. Another potion of healing (and some coin) was found in the it's nest.

The adventurers headed back toward Sir Keegan's tomb and explored the hallway to the north. Ulrick noted the magical symbols scribed on the floor, and recognized them as some sort of alarm. They decided itt would be best to destroy them if possible, so Ulrick knelt down and got to work. Using his arcane knowledge he figured out a way to disable them without triggering them.

From ahead the dull moaning of zombies could be heard. Knowing they'd get the drop on the creatures they charged into the room. In an amazing display of martial prowess every single zombie was dropped before 2 rounds were finished. The number of single hit drops was a sight to behold!  There wasn't much to be found among the bodies, however the sharp eyed halfling noted a section of wall that just didn't seem right, and a hidden room was discovered!

Sadly this small chamber was barren. Apparently it had been emptied long ago. With an air of disappointment the party turned to go, all except the same little rogue who found the room. The back wall didn't seem right, and he tossed a dagger at it. The dagger passed straight through the wall! A moment later 4 zombies, their arms outstretched shuffled toward the halfling. Ulrick, seeing this from the doorway cast a scorching bust on them, dropping them all instantly!

Stepping over the bodies the party passed through the illusionary wall to discover an old armory. Once again disappointment was the dominant emotion as everything was old and rusted. An old plaque hanging above a set of pitted suit of scale mail was too dirty to read. When Rhogar went to wipe it off, a booming voice called out:
A wondrous treasure,
Valued by all, sought by many.
Found in both victory and defeat, 
Yet never at the bottom of a treasure check.
It marches before you like a herald,
And lives long after you are gone.
Of what do I speak?
Before even a brief discussion Ander guessed Love.
You try my patience. Offer the answer soon, or the treasure I guard will be forever denied you!
Barakus then called out Honor, and a bright light transformed the pitted armor into a gleaming suit of Blackiron! Barakus claimed it for himself, and the party all agreed.

Part 2 will be posted later.

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