Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dungeon Fungus

"Do you smell that?" Nimble asked.

Everyone paused on the hillside path and sniffed the air. "What is that?" Allianora asked in disgust.

"You don't know?" Nimble laughed.

"Whatever it is, it's rank." Rathgar said, wrinkling his nose.

"It's kind of cloying." Feris said. "Not in a good way, but it makes you want to sniff it more." He then demonstrated by taking another deep sniff.

"Let's get a little closer, and I'll show you what it is."

A short while later they were crouching at the edge of a clearing. The red light
of the setting sun washed over the field. Laughing, dancing orcs cavorted around a bonfire. Greenish smoke billowed from the fire. "That's what you smell." Nimble pointed toward the fire.

"But what is it?" Feris asked.

"Dungeon Fungus" Nimble answered. "It's a drug. But better than that, these orcs will be down for the count in probably an hour, maybe two. Plus... "Nimble paused dramatically "they know where there's a dungeon around here. A deep one if they've got enough Dungeon Mold to burn like that."

Dungeon Fungus is a bio-luminescent giant mushroom. the largest specimens stand taller than a man with caps broad enough for 3 to lay comfortably upon it. It only ever grows in locations that are frequented by oozes, and have bodies to feed upon. Ingestion of the fungus will cause the ingestor to make a save vs poison or be violently ill for 3d10 rounds (no actions but 1/4 move, -4 penalty to AC). Burning the fungus will produce an intoxicating effect on all those who breathe the fumes. Anyone under the effects of the fungus' smoke will be much more likely to regard others as a friend (+2 to the reaction roll) unless they do something particularly harsh. After 1d4 hours the drug will cause anyone under its influence to fall into a deep sleep.

Inspired by result #4 from Dungeons and Digressions d20 Table of Odd Orcs

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  1. Cool. Nice piece of dungeon dressing. It's things like this that make dungeons come alive.