Monday, March 21, 2011

Goblin Spheres

Allianora’s swing was just a little short as the Apostate jerked back away from the deadly mace. One of his hooded followers swinging his flail distracted her, and the Apostate scrambled away.

Nimble slid his short sword up under the rib cage of the hooded figure before him, and then shoved the lifeless body to the ground.

Rathgar’s shield had born the brunt of the assaults from the 2 hooded figures, but so far he had been unable to put them down. Behind him Feris still struggled with the Apostate’s web spell.

Safely out of the way, the Apostate took from his pouch a small wooden box. From within the box he extracted a glass sphere, and then rolled gently toward the center of the room.

Feris, almost clear of the web slipped backward and re-entangled himself. Rathgar’s shield strap snapped, and he was almost immediately cut by one of the cultist’s blades. Allianora reeled from a blow to the side of her helm, and Nimble threw his short sword into the Apostates’ chest, appeared next to him, ripped the sword from his chest before plunging it back in.

Goblin Spheres

The wooden box that contains the spheres is carved on all sides with leering goblin faces, each unique. The interior of the box is lined with red velvet and has 4 depressions designed to fit 4 egg sized spheres. The spheres themselves are clear crystal with no visible tool marks upon them. When removed from the box, each sphere will cause a -2 penalty to all attack rolls and saving throws of Lawful beings, a -1 penalty to Neutral beings, and a +2 bonus to Chaotic beings. The effects are cumulative and last for 2d6-3 rounds each. As long as one sphere remains unused, an additional sphere will appear in the box in 2d12+5 days.


  1. Inspired by the Labyrinth at all? Interesting tool. Sort of a bad luck effect I presume. Like it.

  2. @Simon~ In part, and in part by the box, though I imagine that the box was also inspired by Labyrinth! So yes!