Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bits and Bobs II

I have a number of little things that I want to go over, none of which require a full post individually.

First off, welcome to my new followers. Somewhere along the line I jumped up to a total of 76! I hope you all find something of interest.

B. My cousins are down today, and we should be finishing off KotSF. I know I still owe you all a session report from last months game, and I'm in the middle of writing it, but it's getting rather long. I should probably break it up. Expect the first part next week.

3) My downloads page has been updated with levels 2A & 2B of my megadungeon. Level 2C will probably be posted next week.

IV - Real life just got a little more interesting as I just accepted a new job. I know I said back in January that things might slow down here, and they haven't. Well, they may yet.

Lastly, some sexy elven dudes to go with the hot elf chicks.

1 comment:

  1. Some sexy elven dudes to go with the hot elf chicks. That's pretty good. Very cool on gaining more followers. Always fun. And a BIG CONGRATS on landing a new job.