Friday, June 9, 2023

Rappan Athuk: Horn of Flies

Session was played on 7/24

Nick, Fighter 7 (Me)
Borumar, Thief 9 (Josh) & Fido
Joho, Monk 7 (Chris)
Morgana, Magic User 8 (Rob)
Karl, Dwarf 8 (Julia)
Koltic, Cleric 6 (NPC)

Nick stomps his way dripping swamp water back to the party. THey find a door that the key ring doesn’t have a matching key for. Joho tries knocking, and gets attacked by the invisible thing. Nick manages to stab it and it attacks Joho again before running away. Morgana ‘Knocks’ the door open, and tosses in a lightning bolt at the invisible monsters, then follows it up with a magic missile. Nick gets critted, and Koltic provides some much needed healing.

Morgana attempts to dimension lock one, and Nick gets hit again, dropping. Joho, in a feat of martial prowess, finishes off both invisible monsters. Beyond the 2 dead invisible things is a chest in a warding circle. Morgana investigates the circle, Koltic and Borumar check the rest of the room, finding a small chest full of silver shavings. The party attempts to take the chest from the circle (successfully) and through the door (unsuccessfully). Morgana uses a knock scroll to open the chest revealing an ugly pitted horn covered in flies. Joho, touching the horn, has his lips turn black.

Departing the upper cloister, they return the horn to Bill the Cultist, who gives it to the abbot, who blows it, summoning a swarm of flies that is promptly eaten by the frogs on the columns.

Given a room to rest, the party beds down for the night to recover. For an hour and a half, at midnight, a procession of ghosts move along one of the walls of the room. The ghosts becoming more substantial as the procession moves on. The next morning the party heads back to town.

Kills: Invisible Stalkers

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