Thursday, June 8, 2023

#Dungeon23 #DoomGate #TheSilos April Overview

After the 4 map January, and the 4 map February and March, having only 2 maps for April feels a little weird. It shouldn't, since both February and March were basically 2 maps each, but because they were part of a single complex, and April is all by its lonesome, it feels different. 

This section is the local ICBM launch site that's connected to the larger complex. 2 of the 3 missiles are gone, but one remains, and remains active. 

There are no intelligent inhabitants of the upper level of the Silos, but it isn't without its dangers. A demonic hydra and several packs of hellhounds roam these halls. 

The lower level has more demonic threats, as a small family of bugbears that found the open silos and climbed down to check them out. They didn't expect some of the demonic energy to influence them in weird and amourous ways. 

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