Saturday, June 3, 2023

May ‘23 In Review

It was an exceptionally busy month at work, and a bit on the home-front too. We installed a new heat pump system, so at least we’ll have AC this year. An improvement over last year, though thankfully last summer was very mild. 

I got the bookshelves all built, and all my books unboxed and up onto the shelves. They aren’t really organized yet. At some point I’m going to need to take a little time to do that. 

I also, after much dithering about will I or won't I, attended Trek Long Island and had a blast. I'm already planning on picking up a uniform to wear for next year.

My players are back in Stonehell! They faced Song, and came out ahead, twice! Then, when trying to figure out how to get down to level 6 without paying off the Vrilya, they decided to head back to the Lost Level, which I haven’t looked at in… a couple years? Players, always throwing curve balls!

My #Dungeon23 is coming along nicely, but I really need to work on filling in the notes sections for each level. They’ll help tell the story more than just the sparse room descriptions.

Decently productive month. I’m a bit behind as far as the minis I wanted to get done this quarter, but I can catch up…. I think…

I’m really pleased with the green mutant, and annoyed with the yellow on the cultists. I custom mixed the color I used for the last batch, and couldn’t quite match it.

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Star Trek Discovery season 2 rewatch

Goals for June
Continue #Dungeon23
Keep up with the session reports
Play the next scenario for Stargrave
Survive the in-laws visit

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