Tuesday, June 6, 2023

#6MMPC 2023 Early June Check In

May finished successfully. And in spite having visited 2 different gaming stores, I didn't buy a single mini. Go me! Of course I'm saving up everything for ReaperCon, so I don't really want to waste a joker on something before then. 

In May I managed to paint up 4 mutants, 2 cultists, an Oni, and a balustrade. I'm exceptionally pleased with the Oni. 

He isn't perfect, and the base still needs work, but he was a lot of fun. 

The cultists were a pain, as I had custom mixed the yellow I'd used on the cultists I painted last year and I DIDN'T WRITE IT DOWN. Must do better about that...

Coming up for the next month I've got a pair of spiders (done) and a whole bunch of mushroom folk (in progress). 

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