Monday, June 7, 2021

Reaper Minis Asanis, Mercury Fliers

I started working on Asanis back in March, but didn't get very far.

 In fact, all I got done was priming her, and trying out one of the new paints on her blade... but then, I decided to get back to her. Didn't seem fair to leave her just primed like that. 

She's one of Reaper's new Bones USA minis, and I have to say the quality is good! The material feels a little brittle. I'd be far more hesitant to just chuck her across the room than I would with say the Bones imps.


Unfortunately I was REALLY bad about taking WiP pics. I can tell you what I used for colors... generally. 

The blade is Hot Blue and Sparkling Snow.

The blue of her "outfit" is Mercury Fliers Blue.

The grey of almost everything else is Cloudy Grey

Her skin is Tanned Flesh, and her hair, buckles, and habaki is an unnamed sample yellowish orange. 

The green of the decide on her hip is Jungle Moss and Viper Green

 She still needs a proper base, but otherwise another one done! Though looking at the back, the power-pack/backpack could use a little more defining...

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