Thursday, June 17, 2021

Rappan Athuk: Ogre Sized Problems...

 Session played on 5/9

Nick the Pike, Fighter 6 (Me)
Lada the Thief (Robby)
Darryl, Cleric (NPC)
Biffin, Fighter (Scott)
Cassandra, Sellsword
Cory, Sellsword

Nick takes the party back to the keep, looking for more leads on restoring his lost strength. The somewhat weasely Beni at the “temple” in the keep suggests that maybe Abbott Gresso at the cloister to the north might be able to help, but he worships the toad demon… And speaking of toads (Beni looks at the small aquarium to the side) it’s due to be the wild time for the toads soon. In fact it’s past due.

Beni also shares the following rumors:

  • the Kobolds have been annoying the people on the roads much more than they usually do
  • There is a magical sword of light entombed near the entrance to Rappan Athuk, per a madman who says it’s guarded by a wizard and their minions.
  • Keeluth the Bull Ogre has been a problem lately as well
  • “Ian the All-Seeing” (crazy dude) lives in a nearby cave in the woods.
  • There’s a flooded passage in Rappan Athuk that’s ruled by fish people
  • Beware the Hand in the Mouth of Doom

Nick buys some healing potions, spends some cash in the tavern and then books passage back to Zelkor’s Ferry.

After returning to Zelkor’s, they head back to the Mouth of Doom, but are blocked along the road by some bandits. Nick offers some cash to pay them off, but the bandits are feeling cocky. It didn’t go well for them. Sadly Cory caught a stray arrow, and no one got to him to save him in time. The bandit leaders was knocked out and the other bandits surrendered instantly. Nick ordered them to drop their weapons and cash, and flee. He then strips the leader naked, collects the weapons and tiny amount of cash, and they press on.

Detouring from the Mouth, the party heads toward the Kobold camp (might as well deal with that issue). Outside the camp they’re ambushed by some spiders. Biffin gets bit, but Darryl administers some antivenom. Kobolds watched the fight, then came to talk to the party after. They coordinate the trap to spring on the Ogre. The party will wait at the edge of a nearby clearing, and the kobolds will get the ogre to charge across it to fight the party. They ask that the party tries not to kill any kobolds. Except the winged on.

Nick offers them any of the weapons taken from the bandits, but they’re too big. They ask for any food the party has. Apparently the ogre has been eating all the food. The party hands over most of their rations, then heads off to the clearing, spreading out with their ranged weapons and flaming oil.

After a short wait, the party can head them coming. A small horde of kobolds, with the ogre in the middle charge in, and along with them 6… bushes? Porcupines!! Focusing fire on the ogre (except Darryl who casts hold person on the flying kobolds, who crashes hard) the arrows do some damage. Then the oil does it’s job. Then the ogre and porcupines are on them. Darryl gets hit by the spines of the angry rodents as they rush past the party’s line.

Nick and Biffin trade blows with the ogre while the kobolds ineffectively send sling stones flying wildly. The ogre whistles and the porcupines turn around and charge back. Everyone but Nick and Biffin climb the trees to avoid the quills. Thankfully the creatures swerve to avoid the ogre, and in doing so miss the fighters.

The ogre grabs Biffin’s sword right out of his hand, then lands a solid blow to his face. Lada, from a tree branch up above, lets loose an arrow right into the ogres eye. It groans, wobbles, and drops. The hail of sling stones stops almost immediately, and then a cheer fills the clearing as the kobolds begin to celebrate! Followed quickly by them swarming in to butcher the ogre’s body.

The cheering and celebratory mood takes the party and the kobolds back to their lair. The feast is impressive, and the spoils of victory are presented to the party. A small pile of jewelry is impressive enough, but the real treasure was a glowing spear!

Late into the night one of the kobolds just happens to mention to Nick that he’s really glad they’re spending the night, and will be around tomorrow to talk to “The Emissary.”

Gains: magic spear, assorted jewelry
Kills: Ogre, winged kobold
Losses: Cory

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