Friday, October 19, 2012

Why Flailsnails is Awesome

I'm playing in a large play by post flailsnails game based in The Bleaklands. My character, Boarface was a simple fighter with one adventure under his belt as a PC. Originally he was the hireling of Nick the Pike, but struck out on his own after Nick failed to keep his morale up.

Well, Boarface died fighting some ghouls. Not a shock given the fact that he was just level one. What is shocking is that more people didn't die.

Death has not been the end of his story though, because one of the other players had bought a magic bean, and planted it. The resulting growth looked "like two toddlers smashed together and wrapped in bacon. He looks happy as a clam though, all feet covered in soil with leaves growing out of his head. Every once in a while it sort of squirms a little bit, but it doesn't wake up."

Someone suggested putting Boarface's body next to the thing. After about a day's worth of debate, it was decided, and my poor character was thrown to this strange plant thing. This is what happened:

Boarface's boneless corpse is draped around the base of the hideous wooden boy. By morning, shoots and leaves cover the body and the leaves have turned a dull red color. The awful little moppet finally stirs, twisting this way and that, snapping off small branches and roots, and dislodging most of the leaves, except for a, now bright red, shock of leaf hair on top of its head. It topples out of the pot onto the ground with a dull thud, before brushing itself off and standing up, and looking around confused.

Congratulations +David Brawley! Boarface is alive again, although now he is a hideously ugly wooden boy. Corpulent and squat, neo-Boarface retains his previous stats with the following modifications: STR 12 DEX 10 CON 16 CHA 5, AC is naturally 5, but you can no longer wear armor except for helmets and shields, your woody hands count as clubs (1-6B), immunity to poisons (unless designed to effect plants, in which case normal effects) and half damage from electricity and bludgeon weapons, but double damage from fire. You lose all previous racial abilities, but you were a human so that shouldn't matter. You need water and sunlight instead of food, and your foul tasting but nourishing leaves can provide three meals per week for others.
I'm quite excited to hear about Boarface running around the FLAILSNAILverse now!

This is why flailsnails is awesome!


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