Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bits and Bobs VII

Humanoids and their role in the game world seems to be the main theme of this round of Bits and Bobs.

Talysman of The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms offers up a very fairy take on goblins, and one that cleaves closely to how they are in my gameworld.

Peter of Dungeon Fantastic addresses the same issue in his post on the problem of orc kids.

And Paul over at Blog of Holding takes on kobold ecology.

Brock Cusick from The Tombs of Akrasia discusses the Orcs of his world. They're cauldron born!

The New Big Dragon over at Save Vs. Dragon has put together what I think is a really useful PDF with all the treasure types from the different early editions of D&D (Oe, 1e, BX or HB).

And speaking of PDFs, ever wonder what to do with them? If you're like me, you like having the dead tree version of your books. You don't have to go through Lulu to get it done, you can do it yourself in softcover or hardcover.


  1. Those book binding links are rather cool. I just keep mine in 3-ring binders.

    1. I do too, but I've bee tempted to try my hand at this.

    2. As the author of both those DIY guides I wish I'd posted them a bit later as I've refined the process quite a bit since I took all those photos. No more clamps and drills these days. Thanks for posting the links David, I still hope people get inspired to have a go.

  2. rq goblins related to elves

    gurps fantasy races 3rd ed goblins are very cool - magic loving creepy more like evil gremlins from films - another book on goblins for gurps have them using lemarkian evolution - each new generation adapt to local environment creating infinite variety

    i had a game with a player who built an orphanage for monster children - the party paladin found out and killed them all when he was at the shops


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