Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Starport: Trage's Starship Triage

Today's Saturday Starport is brought to you by Shortymonster who upon hitting 10,000 page views offered his readers a free NPC. In fact, the offer is good until 11/17, so you still have time to go get yours!

DB4 Trage's Starship Triage 

Like all Chadra-Fan, Trage was covered in a rich dark fur from head to foot. Very few of her kind took the time to style the fur on their heads as she did. It was lifted into a long Mohawk and interwoven with fine gems and precious metals. She was very proud of her ‘hair’, and when dealing with her customers could often be seen to stroke it and make minute adjustments to the crest. Some think that she’s compensating for her small stature, small even for the bat-like species she is part off, but the few her know her well, understand it as pure vanity.

She has done well for herself has Trage. using her natural gifts of salvage, and then hiring others to do the dirty work, she runs a successful business on an affluent star-port. Buying damaged components, and sometimes whole space faring vessels that are beyond repair, and stripping them down to the component parts. these are then refurbished and sold on at a higher price as replacements. Although she knows how to make a fast turn-around on a small investment, Trage is always honest with her clients and customers.

In her world it is too easy to make the wrong kind of enemies if a business deal goes south, so she makes sure she is beyond reproach. This has helped her in her successes, but has recently started to cause her an unexpected problem. A criminal Cartel, the Umbruc, have seen her success, and her reputation as straight shooter, and have started to threaten her business. They see her as a perfect front for their smuggling operations, but she knows it will mean saying good-bye to her integrity. For now, no one else knows what is troubling her, but if the threats become too much, she has very few options open to her…

As an ongoing project I’m stocking the map above with shops and characters, making it something of a mini-campaign setting. However, it’s also want to open to you. This is your chance to be a guest blogger here at Tower of the Archmage! All you need to do is to pick one (or more) of the different stores, and write up a description of what type of store it is!

How to get involved: Leave me a comment or an e-mail letting me know you want to join in, and pick a space. Write your post (or posts if you’re feeling ambitious). Send me your post via e-mail, and I’ll get it up, probably on a Saturday.

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  1. Thanks for the link back, and I'm glad you're happy with my offering. I think it's gone down well over all, as in the last two weeks, I've had a big jump, and last night hit the 15,000 mark! Your support has been great, and if there's anything I can do for you, just ask.


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