Friday, March 5, 2010

Screwing with your players

Since October, at least once a month, at least one of the two cars in my household has had some issue.  Two dead batteries, a dead alternator, a minor (no one was hurt) accident due to ice that required the replacement of an entire wheel and the various bits that attach to it (knuckle, struts, sub frame), and yesterday the newer of the cars started making a terrible growling sound.  It turns out that the hub assembly is bad.  The part is under warranty, and on order, but it's still a pain, and it interferes with plans. 

Don't do this to your players.  It isn't fun.  Having something breakdown every once in a while came make a story interesting.  Having it happen session after session just annoys your players and makes them want to go do something else. 

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  1. Also, do not do this in real life. You need to add the malfunctioning airbag, another warranty repair, and the two rental cars.


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