Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Racial Weapon Styles: Dragonborn

In 4e the Dragonborn are very much like the Klingons of Star Trek TNG and DS9.  They are a noble warrior race of a proud empire.  No reason to mess with a good background.  Dragonborn blades tend toward curves, points, and extra blades and are designed for fluid slashing attacks. The steel of a Dragonborn blade is of the highest quality, and often more exotic metals are forged into the steel. 

In many ways they resemble highly refined goblinoid blades.  Goblins will tell you that the dragonborn realized how effective their weapons are and modeled their own after goblin designs.  The truth is more likely the reverse. 

2 handed sword

Dragonborn long/broad/bastard sword - blade and grip length vary.
Dragonborn short sword


  1. The Klingon 'two handed sword' (Batlath? Something like that) never look to me as though they would actually work as weapons on a battlefield. In a ritualized duel, sure, but they just do not seem like effective weapons outside of that situation.

    The longish split blade ("half axe, half sword, all wounding!") looks quite good.

    And that short sword I want to see carved out of bone.

    Anyway, been enjoying you weapons of the various races series.

  2. Fighting with a Bat'leth would look on the initial charge much more like fighting with axes, with what would likely be a one handed downward swing. If expecting an oncoming charge it would probably be gripped in the middle and lower spots and used to push the attacking weapon to the side before bringing the back of the blade into the attackers face, and then followed up with a jabbing slash from the lower blade spike.

    Granted in a large open battle, it probably isn't the best weapon, but in a semi-cramped dungeon setting I could see it being pretty useful.

    Ooh... a bone Mek'leth would look really cool.

    Glad you're enjoying the series!


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