Thursday, March 11, 2010

Random Magical Book Name Generator

Over at Planet Algol was some talk about making spell books and other magical tomes unique.  I decided to put together a name generator for such books. 

Random Magic Book Name Generator
Roll 1d6
1. Roll once on columns 2 & 3
2. Roll once on columns 2, 3, & 4
3. Roll once on columns 2, 3, 4, & 5
4. Roll once on columns 1, 2, 4, & 5
5. Roll once on columns 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5
6. Roll once on columns 4 & 5


1 2 3 4 5
1 Alabaster Book Accursed  Awful Alchemy
2 Ancient Codex Boundless Black Arts
3 Bound Compendium Celestial Dangerous Astrology
4 Calamitous Folio Demented Dark Conjuration
5 Draconic Formulaes Eldritch Elegant Demonism
6 Enchanted Grimoire Forgotten Forlorn Diabolism
7 Gilded Inscriptions Great Hermetic Enigma
8 Hidden Lexicon Hallowed Infernal Hexes
9 Illuminated Librium Insidious Inscrutable Magic
10 Lost Manuscript Luminous  Lunisolar Magus
11 Magnificent Plates  Master's Mystagogical Maleficarum
12 Monsterous Portfolio Noxious Numinous Rituals
13 Olde Primer Obscene     Onymatic Runes
14 Poisonous Scroll Planar Palladian Secrets
15 Revised Tablets Resonant Resplendent Sorcery
16 Seven Text Shadow Scioptic Spells
17 Trifold Tome Terrible Telestic Thaumaturgy
18 Veiled Treatise Unequaled    Umbral Transformation
19 Vile Vade Mecum Volatile Villainous Unknown
20 Wonderful Volume White Whispering Whitchcraft

Testing it out I got these results:
Wonderful Librium Hallowed Lunisolar Magic
Manuscript Hallowed Palladian
Magnificent Manuscript  Dangerous Astrology
Mystagogical Witchcraft
Scroll Boundless Inscrutable Rituals
Treatise Masters Mystagogical Spells
Olde Vade Mecum Scioptic Whitchcraft
Grimoire Masters
Tablets Obscene
Librium Volatile
Poisonous Compendium Resplendant Magus
Book Eldritch Whispering 

Tweaking that a bit the list becomes:
The Wonderful Librium of Hallowed Lunisolar Magic
Palladian's Hallowed Manuscript
A Dangerous Manuscript of Magnificent Astrology
Mystagogical Witchcraft
Inscrutable Scroll & Boundless Rituals
Master's Treatise on Mystagogical Spells
Scioptic Whitchcraft from the Olde Vade Mecum
Masters Grimoire
Tablets of the Obscene
Librium Volatile
Poisonous Compendium of the Resplendant Magus
Book of Eldritch Whispering


  1. Thanks for making this. Very nicely done. I'm going to post this table over at Dragonfoot along with a link. This will come in quite useful for my home game campaign.

  2. Very cool! Although I really shouldn't be reading it in order to avoid any unconscious plagiarism when further working on my table ;)

    worde verification: treate (verily indeede, yon bloge poste is a treate!)

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  4. Hiya... I made a Google Spreadsheet with this idea (after finding this very old post of yours) combined with several big dumps of adjectives from here and there (and some of your own).


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