Friday, March 26, 2010


The most recent tempest in a teapot that has raged through our little corner of the net has had some aftershocks that I'm less than pleased about.   

Chgowiz, who provided both inspiration and support when I initially created my blog deleted his Old Guy Blog, and has been silent since.    There is a petition for his return, and I hope he considers it.  

With my limited outsiders view I think that the kerfuffle, like most that happen in small volunteer organizations is pretty ridiculous, and I wish everyone could just be happy that people are talking about games, and even better playing them!

Ken is putting down his Rust Battle Axe.  It may be rusty, but it was always nice to know it was out there.  I wish him the best.  Rotgut the Dwarf will most certainly be added to my cast of standard NPCs, and I'll be reposting a couple of my favorite of his posts here shortly.


  1. What is going on with Old School Rant? Scottz has said he is shutting it down as well.

    Comments are disabled and I cant find any links anywhere else explaining his decision. He says that he is shutting down the blog on Wednesday's post, and lists today as the final post. but I can find no details on the reasons for this move.

  2. As the creator of Rotgut the Dwarf, I urge all gamers everywhere to have a Remember Rotgut Day in honor of those PCs everywhere we're all embarrassed yet somewhat proud to have played at some point during our gaming years. Fondly Misspent Youth and all that.

  3. Old School Rant is shutting down because - ostensibly - it was one of his exceptionally angry (and amazingly ill-informed) rants that kicked off the aforementioned tempest in a teapot...


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