Thursday, May 25, 2023

#Dungeon23 #Doomgate #TheGarrison February & March Overview

Like The Core, I did the maps for The Garrison out of order. This wasn't an intentional choice exactly, just sort of the way it worked out as I was going. The Garrison is closer to the DoomGate and so shows more effects, and has a different population, although, as with The Core, the AI system is still active and attempting to keep things running as it was programmed to do. While working on this section I hit on the idea that in each facility there's a problem the AI needs fixed, and if the players help the AI, things will be a little easier for them in the next section, and if they don't things should be as I write them. If they actively piss off the AI, it will make their lives harder. 

Below are the levels in order, top to bottom, but not in the order I made them. 

The upper level of the Garrison has 2 exits onto the surface (imagined as a mountainous area) that has a troop of Hobgoblins that have recently moved in and started to make themselves at home (middle left side) a flooded area with various degenerate mutant creatures and natural hazards, and up top the lair of a young red dragon.   

The second level's largest feature is the zombie infested cryo lab and med bay. More otherworldly creatures lurk in this area.  

A small clan of Dark Dwarves have made there home here and the bottom level. The main computer core is here, and the dwarves have taken an important component. 

The final level of The Garrison has some warped architecture and weird effects resulting in part from a device taken from The Ark (October's section). I still need to ink this level.

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