Thursday, May 18, 2023

#Dungeon23 #DoomGate #TheCore - January overview

So I haven't posted about this since mid-January, but the project is ongoing! I haven't typed up many of the rooms, just a few along the way that have gotten posted to Twitter or Mastodon. I really want to have some time to sit down and type it all up. But until I do, I want to share what I've got so far, starting with the January maps!

January's maps are a self contained complex known as The Core that is connected to the 2 other subsections, and the main larger dungeon by way of a semi-functional underground monorail system. The Core houses the megadungeon's nuclear power plant. 

Map 1 is actually the 3rd level of The Core, but is the most easily accessed via the well that serves the settlement above. It's the home of a clan of roach-folk whose life centers around the pool containing the nuclear reactor, and the AI trying to keep things from literally melting down. The recently diverted river is messing that up. 

Map 2 is the 2nd level of the dungeon and home to the mutated descendants of the workers who were in The Core when the DemonGate opened and ended the old world. They're enemies both of the Roach-folk and the AI that maintains the Core. 

Map 3 is the uppermost level of the dungeon. The mutants are largely in control of this area as well. It also contains the motor pool/monorail stop for The Core.  

Map 4 is the lowest level of the dungeon, and contains a large number of radioactive undead, and some flooded areas that are causing the AI issues. 

Unmapped is a large crevice on the surface that is used as the Core's cooling system. The hot water is pumped to the lake at the bottom of the crevice, which causes it to be constantly full of warm steam that a small group of steamdrakes (as gargoyles) have made their home. 

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