Monday, January 23, 2023

Stonehell: One thing after another in level 5

Session 191 was played on 3/6.

Morgana, Mage 8 (Rob)
Lada, Thief
Koltic, Cleric 6 (NPC)
Biffin, Fighter 7 (NPC)
Aroon, Fighter 4 (NPC)
Jameth, Fighter 4 (NPC)
Lor’Koth, Dwarf 5 (NPC)

Returning to the 5th level of the dungeon, they poke around south of the Temple of Yg, finding a shrine to St. Kanatius with a small slot under it. Morgana gives it 1gp, 1sp, 1cp. Further on they find a crate with a couple hundred lightly rusted arrowheads. Pushing west, they come to a larger cavernous space with a paddock with some sheep and goats in it, being looked after by a pair of mountain trolls. Lada backs off without being spotted. Returning to the east, they head south, and come to a Vrilya guard room, the northern edge of the upper reach of their territory. Backing away, they press on to the east. Where Lada finds a hidden stash of 10gp.

With nowhere else to go, they turn north exploring the region just south of the Temple of Yg, where they disturb a Grey Worm! That swallows Jameth! Luckily for the party it was a young one, and they dispatched it, and cut Jameth free before he asphyxiated. Morgana takes 6 of its teeth, and the party claims the 6 games found in its belly.

In a deeper chamber with water pooling at one end, Morgana gets bitten, twice, by a water snake! Thankfully the party has some antivenom. Pressing on, they follow a long dark and exceptionally cold tunnel to a small chamber where the frost covered corpse of a human in plate armor lies frozen to the wall. The specter of this unfortunate soul is so terrifying that Jameth and Koltic flee back toward the watering hole. Biffin charges in, and Morgana magic missiles it. Lorkoth follows up and sets the spirit to rest with his magic hammer. Beneath the body they find a small treasure of coins.

Collecting the frightened members, they head back to the temple of Yg, and investigate the doors with the crystals behind them. Morgana wants a sample, so they begin to break off some, when a shadow moves and a black dragon’s snout spits acid down the opening through the crystals and along into the hallway where most of the party had gathered to watch the work on the crystals. Aroon drops from the damage and is pulled away, while Morgana blasts an ice storm at the dragon. They run back toward the gate, only to be ambushed by minotaurs on the way. Morgana summons a water elemental to tie them up, and they all make it through the gate.

On the way back to town they’re ambushed again, this time by bandits. The heavily damaged party suffers under the rain of arrows, but Morgana’s spells kill a good third of them, and injure the invisible magic user that then drops a fireball on the party. Aroon, Lorkoth, and Biffin all drop. Tense negotiations between the wizards commence while the remaining party members administer what little healing magics they have left. Morgana agrees to hand over some of the treasure they found under the dead fighter, and each group goes on their way.

Gains: 1,000ep, 10gp
Kills: Bandits, water snake, specter
Losses:  4,000sp

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