Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Reaper Snakeman and Giant Cobras

You ever see a really cool image online, and think to yourself, I wanna do that?

Well, I saw this snakeman and thought that exact thing. So I decided to give it a try... and maybe on a few giant cobras too. 

I did my usual soapy water scrub with my hobby toothbrush, and glued them onto bases. I primed them with my cream airbrush primer, and then started with Phoenix red... which was too bright.

I then used a sample orange and Sun Yellow to do the markings, and bleached linen for the belly scales.

 The armor was painted with Nightmare Black and Pure Black. The decoration was Dragon Gold, and the blade was Blade Shadow. I used Brown Liner to line the belly scales on the snakeman.

 The bases were painted with Earth Brown that got a bit of Linen White added to it for highlights.

 The Cobras could probably use a dark brown wash to help bring out the scales, but I'm happy enough with them as is.

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