Saturday, March 6, 2021

Reaper Minitaur Pink Demons

 When Reaper did their Bones 4 kickstarter, one of their little stretch goals was a set of minitaurs... short minataurs. 

Minitaurs (4) 

They're kind of ridiculous, but... perfect for a silly paint challenge over on the Reaper Discord. 

 February's limited pallete challenge was to use only 5 colors, a white, black, blue, magenta, and yellow. Keeping it pure, I went with Pure White, Solid Black, and the 3 newish Clears: Magenta, Blue, and Yellow. 

This meant that there would be no metallic colors... an interesting challenge to be sure! I washed them, and stuck them on bases and got to work... starting by making some swatches.

Then I got painting.

I don't have a lot of WiP pics, as I was going back and forth a lot experimenting to see what colors and effects I could manage to make these things look good. 

My first attempt at Non-Metallic Metals was... eh? It works. 

In the end, I have a pair of pink demon minitaurs that will absolutely find their way into a game at some point. Just gonna have to stat them out for D&D... could easily use them as minor demons in Frostgrave... and I'm sure I can find some other games they'll work in. Now I guess I need to paint up the other 2 to match.


  1. Those minitaurs are cool!

    I just started painting miniatures about 6 months ago. I'm a big fan of the Reaper Bones. I still have plenty I need to paint...

    1. Oh, the pile of "to be painted" grows ever larger... Welcome to the hobby!


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