Monday, December 2, 2019

Stonehell: Rock Hard from a Cockatrice

Session 112 was played on 11/17

Borumar, ½ Orc Thief 7 (Josh)
Joho, Mystic 5 (Chris)

Returning to the side dungeon, and the many petrified figures, Jo wants to revive someone. They make a check over the various figures, and settle on a female elven wizard. Rubbing the oil of Stone to Flesh over her, she returns to life, and once realizing Jo and Borumar aren’t trying to kill her, introduces herself as Sabrine Blackwillow, and explains that she’d been hunting a medusa with her friends, and that they were set upon by a flock of cockatrices. Looking around, she only sees one of her fellow adventurers. She hopes that the others made it out alive. Asking the year, she realizes she’s been trapped for 64 years…

Checking out another room, they discover an owlbear pressed up in the corner, petrified. Jo talks about using the last vial of oil on the owlbear, in case they need to run away and want something to get in between them and whatever they’re running from. Borumar thinks this isn’t the best idea. Sabrine wants to use the oil on her friend. Jo is hesitant, but she promises to make it worth their while. Borumar and Jo discuss it, and agree.

Back to the Medusa’s bedroom, they oil up Phynara Wynnan, explain the situation, and move on.

The next room they explore has a pair of cockatrices. Jo tries to block the first one, as it flies toward him, but he gets pecked, and instantly crusts over. The foul are killed, and Borumar looks at the pair of elves. They quick check the room, discover a bunch of gold, and some gems. Grabbing the statue of Jo, they head toward the exit.

6 lazily aggressive wererats are waiting for them at the stairs. They’re upset that the party hasn’t been better visitors, and demand 500 gold to let them pass. Borumar tries to talk them down, but they up the cost to 600. In the course of conversation, they discover that the medusa did used to live here, but was moved out some time ago. Phynara is ready to throw down, but Borumar just wants out, so he pays.

It’s a long walk back to town, dragging the statue of Jo, but they eventually make it. In town, no wizards know Stone to Flesh, and no one has a potion, but an alchemist says he can do it with a Medusa’s hair (snake).

Borumar checks in with A-A-Ron, who tells him about the medusa they killed in Stonehell, and where. Borumar plans to see if the body is still there…

Gains: 3,000gp, 7 gems, Phynara, Sabrine
Kills: Cockatrices
Losses: 600gp

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