Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Adrasteia Winterthorn, Vampiress

The dungeon dweller’s vampire Adrasteia Winterthorn is a wonderful figure. Really classic look, and a well sculpted face.

This is how Reaper's in house artist painted theirs.

I was honestly looking forward to painting a figure that wasn’t clearly in a combat I was also looking forward to painting the dress. I wanted to see what I could do with Spectral White, and in the end, I think I got a good effect from it. I also used this figure to practice something that was a focus of one of my classes at Reapercon – shadowing faces. Up close it looks a little rough, but I think I got the effect basically down. Even my bride, who is generally rather critical of my efforts to paint faces thought she came out well.

For the dress I worked really hard to make the dress look like it’s giving the impression of being a little sheer. Not so much that you can see anything through it, but I wanted it to look a little soft, the way old fabric gets.

One concern I did have was how the dress and the vampiric skin would look together. I was concerned that the colors would both be too pale next to each other, but the final effect looks okay. It helps that the dress is more purplish pink and her skin is more in the blue shade of things. It’s subtle, but strong enough to work, especially with the succubus kiss cape liner and lips. I used Heraldic Red to bring the color up for highlights. For the lace/ribbon around the bodice, and the bracers and wrap around her waist I used Ancient Bronze mixed with a drop of Succubus kiss to give the metal a reddish tint.

For the back of the cape, I used pure black mixed with Nightsky Indigo, and a touch of Mountain Grey for highlights.

I'm kind of displeased with the base, and I think I'm going to redo it before wrapping this up. Aside from the base, I've still got some work to do on her hair, and the wrap, and I might want to do a bit more with the highlights of the cape

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