Monday, December 16, 2019

Stonehell: Medusa Hunt

Session 114 was played on 12/01

Borumar, ½ Orc Thief 7 (Josh)
Brother Dimetri Andropov, Cleric 1 (Jeff)
Phynara, Elf 8 (NPC)
Drolo, linkman (NPC)

Having come up empty handed as far as medusa hair was concerned, Borumar decided to try to find where the medusa in the side dungeon got moved to. A young cleric who was interested in so noble a cause, suggested that the temple of the elementalists would be a good place to start, so off they went.

Making sure to clear the already cleared rooms, the party spends some time digging through the boxes in the old storage room. Little seemed of value till a box was discovered hidden under some preserved meat of questionable origin. Within was a small cache of coins and a potion! Feeling this a good sign, they continued exploring.

Once they reached the main temple, they saw a light and heard a noise coming from the central room. Within was a giant weasel playing with a glowing coin. The weasel abandons its toy in favor of live prey, but is cut down when faced with a heavily armored elf and cleric. Brother Dimetri strings the coin and hangs it around his neck. Drolo is tasked with skinning the weasel.

Checking out the 4 elemental rooms, the wax filled fire chamber was the most interesting. Using his shield, Brother Dimetri began to chisel chunks of wax off the walls, looking for hidden things… and discovered a door! Beyond was a dusty and dark hallway leading to a flight of stairs leading up…

Taking the stairs, and following the corridor beyond, they came to a locked door flanked by dusty alcoves on either side, each with an old stool. Borumar checked for traps, then unlocked the door… beyond was another pair of alcoves flanking another locked door. However, instead of old stools, rusty iron statues stood guard. Checking the statues, and finding them solid casts, Borumar again bent to work on the lock. The statues (of course) animated. A tense and bloody fight ended with the statues destroyed, and no weapons sucked into them. Borumar then unlocked the door, and within a nude medusa stood in the middle of a trashed room. Whatever caused her gaunt form and sickly pallor did nothing to slow her frenzied assault at the party.

Borumar dodged back, firing an arrow as he went. Phynara did her best to avoid the medusa’s gaze while still managing to hit with her sword. Then the inexperienced Dimetri stepped forward, looked her directly in the eye, and slammed his weapon into her face, dropping her to the ground.

Phynara lopped the medusa’s head off, and Borumar bagged it. Then they searched the room, discovering that most everything had been destroyed, except for 10 pieces of jewelry! Gathering up their loot, the party rushed from the dungeon, and back to town, delivering the head to the alchemist.

While the alchemist worked, Dimetri returned to the dungeon with porters and a wagon, lugging out several large pieces of furniture that the elementalists had left behind, as well as as much wax as they could take.

Gains: 10,000gp worth of jewelry,
Kills: Giant Weasel, 2 iron statues, 1 medusa

Image Source: Medusa by.paulo

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