Tuesday, October 1, 2019

September in Review

Yet another busy month at the tower. Took an unexpected vacation, spent some time babysitting my niece, and even got in some reading time.

There was only one session of Stonehell this month. The party, now a little short handed, continues to explore the side delve.

Curse of Strahd has us out of the Weaver’s dream realm, and back into Barovia itself. Finally moving the storyline forward. *FINALLY*

I did a little work on some of the minis I brought back from ReaperCon, but the small project I actually finished was painting and basing 4 big wolf creatures. We needed them for the Curse of Strahd game, so I pulled out the big wolves I had, which included the 2 headed wolf, a dire wolf, warg, and the bloodwolf. Blog post on them later this week...

I also got started on the Bones 4 Raptors, and the Bones Black Owlbear mini. Should finish those off soon.

Movies/TV Watched

Brooklyn 99 - almost caught up
Dark Matters - onto season 2
Jessica Jones - started season 3

Books Read

Alexander Kent’s
Richard Bolitho — Midshipman (Richard Bolitho, #1)
Midshipman Bolitho and the Avenger (Richard Bolitho, #2)
Band of Brothers (Richard Bolitho, #3)

CPA study - taking the test in November
Finish the raptors and owlbear
Participate in Inktober/Drawlloween

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