Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Howling good time: Bones Wolves

In Curse of Strahd, we stumbled into a pack of dire wolves at the end of one session... so of course I had to immediately paint some up. Digging through my collection of minis I came up with 3 useful figures from the Bones line. The Winter Wolf, The Warg, and the Death Dog.

After the usual hot water and dish soap scrub with a toothbrush I glued them to 2" round reaper bases, and then gave them a quick coat of Reaper Brown Liner cut with a bit of flow improver, and clear coat.

After the liner layer, I painted their fur with Russet Brown mixed with a tiny bit of Brown Liner, and Dirty Bone and a tiny bit of Russet Brown for their undersides. Their teeth were also painted with Dirty Bone, followed by Linen White, then I cleaned up around the mouth with Pure Black, also hitting their noses and around the eyes.

I used NMM Gold for their eyes. Their fur was dry brushed with Russet Brown, then added in NMM Gold for successive highlights. The bases were then coated in wood glue, and covered with dry coffee grounds for depth and texture.

Once the glue dried, I then covered the bases with my mix of flock, as well as some assorted ground cover to make it look less uniform.

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