Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Wyrm in the Apple of the Alfather's Eye

From: Sir Fulhoff of Clan Balderk, Knight of Hawk’s Nest, War Mage
To: Helja and Adrik of Clan Balderk

Mother and Father:

Standing at the entrance to the court, with Princess Saresa before us, flanked by her advisors was… intimidating. Even from as far away as we were, it was an imposing sight. The Dragonskull Throne’s black obsidian form perched atop the skulls of the blue dragons, all hovering just slightly above the pearlescent floor… I never honestly expected to see the ancient dwarven throne. Princess Seresa seemed oddly delighted at our entrance, much to the consternation of her advisors who warned her that it was likely “little folk” who were involved, if not RESPONSIBLE for her mother’s murder and her father’s disappearance!

Bran surveyed the room, and saw something, and silently signaled that it was the female advisor, but what about her we would learn later…

At the female advisor’s warning I chimed in dryly with “Oh, yes. We murdered your mother, and kidnapped your father.” Thankfully the sarcasm was not lost on her, but she did try to suggest that it hid a more nefarious truth. Princess Seresa was having none of it, and listened to Bran as he explained why were had come. She called us closer to the throne, and then showed us something that she hadn’t even shown to her advisors… a wooden coin, painted gold, with a goose on it. A chit from the casino in Yartar. They objected to her giving it to us, but she ignored them, asking us to accept her quest, to find her father.

Of course we accepted. One does not ignore the instructions of a god…

The princess then told us of the meditation chamber where she could send us anywhere we wanted. At that point Bran pointed out that we’d not yet been informed of her advisors names. The male was her uncle, and the female was Imryth.

“Funny, that’s the name of the blue dragon that attacked us at the Eye of the Alfather” Aramil laughed nervously.

“That’s because she *is* that dragon.” Bran said remarkably calmly.

The next few moments were a bit confused as you might expect, but Imryth grabbed something from around the princess’ neck, and started to run off. I threw up a wall of light to block her path, which only made her pause. She snarled at me, and teleported away.

Dismissing the blindingly bright wall, we returned to the throne room, suggested that the throne be hidden since Imryth now had one of the keys known to be able to control it. The princess and her uncle were both unnerved by the thought of Imryth taking the throne, and agreed it would be protected. The princess thanked us for revealing the truth, and then offered the hospitality of her palace until we were ready to go look for her father. I think the shock of discovering that someone who she grew up knowing turning out to be an enemy was too much of a shock. Her sisters, on hearing the news, became slightly nicer. Slightly.

The princess then showed us around. I skipped out on the tour after we hit the library, and spent the next 3 days enraptured. Rin was bored, which he expressed often. Aramil was enraptured by the acoustics. Bran apparently spent his time with the princess and her collection of gadgets and gizmos of the “little people” describing what many of them were. Hilda made friends with the Princess’ orca.

There was also a scrying pool. We discovered that Harshnag was safe, and somewhere white and cold. Imryth was in a ruined structure somewhere in the desert, raging at her fortune. Lord Dryland was with his sorceress assistant discussing business on his casino boat.

And one evening, very late… While everyone else was asleep, I checked in on you. With all the traveling I’ve been doing, I know it’s been impossible to get messages to me, and I wanted to make sure all was well.

Dropping this note off with a courier in Goldenfields before we head out to Yartar. Again.

I hope to see you soon. In person.

Current Quests:
Find the Storm Giant King
Iymrith the Ancient

Loose Threads:
Jeff the guard, abandoned in Everland
Yartar - Lady Italia, Bat-weirdos (Kella & Zopin), Paw-Ming, Lord Dryland
Old Gnawbone - wishes she could transform into an elf
Eraglass the Sage - Missing?
Fire Giants attacked Tribor and took a rod from the center of town.

Completed Quests:
Coup in the Court of the Hill Giants
Eye of the Allfather in the Valley of Kadroon
Find Harshnag
Highdale/Westfelds necromatic curse - Mountaintop Crypt
The Silver Hook adventuring party
Mt. Black
HawksNest Payroll
Zymorvan Giantslayer
Aboleth of Yartar
Defended Goldenfields
Well of Victory
Orcs of the Ardeep Forest
Nightstone (again)
Tomb of Darshin Hammerheart
Grey Hand
Zathros Zethros, Cloud Giant

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