Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Star Wars Session 4: Shopping for Trouble

This session was held on 10/30.

Teyla, Minor Jedi, daughter of a moderately influential crime lord (Hanna, absent)
21B-Em-Dee, medical droid, tasked to monitor Teyla by the crime lord (Allison)
Takata, Smuggler, owner of the Decade Pigeon (YT-1300) in debt to the crime lord (Erik, absent)
TeeTee'ee, ship's engineer/tinkerer (Nadia)
Mal, Bounty Hunter (Julia, absent)
Davessi Frey, Space Pirate (Mollie)
Cass, Rich Guy (NPC)

"Welcome aboard!" Takata says. Teyla and Cass turn shocked expressions toward Takata.

"Well, we really do need a lift off planet." Davessi begins.

"Welcome aboard!" Takata repeats.

Davessi and Mal limp aboard with everyone else. Just up the ramp, TeeTee'ee comes out of the engine compartment "The ship will fly, but-WHAT ARE THEY DOING HERE?!?"

Explanations are made while Takata heads to the cockpit, fires up the engines, and sets course for the outer rim. The com system comes on. "Uhh... Decade Pigeon, you don't have clearance to take off..."

"Well, I'm leaving." Takata replies.

"We don't have a flight plan on file."

"It's there. I'm leaving."

"Please stand by. We're sending a ship to escort you-"

"Gotta go."

"Decade Pigeon, please return to your docking berth until we can get this straightened out."

"Bye!" Flipping the com switch, then the hyperdrive, the stars streak past.

"Well, what can you do to pay your way on my ship?" Teyla asks.

The ship's intercom clicks on. "My ship" Takata chimes in. "If you've got a problem with that, the airlock is on the left."

Davessi looked from the intercom to Teyla. "I'm a pretty good shot with ships guns."

"Okay... that'll work. And you?" Teyla asks Mal.

"I can... do stuff. I'm pretty good with a mop... And I'll keep your bed warm." She finishes with a grin at Teyla.

"We'll figure... something out." Teyla sighs. "Now go see to that leg. You're oozing all over my deck."

"My ship" Takata chimes in. "If you've got a problem with that, the airlock is on the left."

In the medbay, Davessi is checked over by Em-Dee, who keenly feels the "do no harm" bit of it's programming as its abductor lays before it. Sadly the extensive burning made the leg a total loss.

TeeTee'ee fumed in the back, refusing to speak to anyone.

"No! Go away!" Takata yelled at Mal as TeeTee'ee made her way to the cockpit. TeeTee'ee glared at Mal as she passed. "So where are we headed?"

"Some sandball called Tatooine."

"Never heard of it."

"No reason you should have. There's nothing there. According to the computer the major industry is moisture farming!"

Teyla followed into the room then. "Moisture what?"

"We're apparently going to visit the moisture farms of Tatooine." TeeTee'ee snarked. "Isn't that exciting?"

"That's Jabba the Hut's home! Why are we going there?" Teyla demanded.

"Who's Jabba the Hut?"

"Cause you said you wanted to get away."

"Jabba is a crime boss, and a particularly cruel and nasty one."

"Oh, like your dad?"

Teyla smacked the back of Takata's head. "Not even close."

"Decade Pigeon, please follow the signal for docking bay 47."

"You got it Mos Eisley Control" Takata replied.

"TeeTee'ee, see if you can't finish fixing the ship while we're here?"

"I'll need to get some power converters."

"Fine, but try to keep a low profile, okay?"

Walking the streets, the heat was blistering. "Let's get some shade. There's a cantina over there."

The party turned and went into the bar. A light flashed as Em-Dee passed the doorway, and the bartender looked toward them. "We don't serve their kind here."

"But this is my medical droid!" Teyla argued.

"Don't care, send it outside."

"Sir, as a droid, I require no service from this establishment."

"Get out!" Teyla and Em-Dee turn and stomp out of the cantina. Cass looks ready to follow her, but she asks him to keep an eye on Takata. Turning around Takata is already sitting with a Devaronian, as thick as thieves. Cass started to walk over to him when a large burly alien steps in front of him, and utters something unintelligible. Cass tries to step around it, but another porcine alien saddles up to him. "My friend doesn't like you."

"Sorry to have bothered him"

"I don't like you much either! We're wanted in over 6 systems!"

"Maybe... I can buy you a drink?"

Over at the table with the Devaronian and Takata...

"No, see, I totally owe Jabba, and I was told to talk to you about working the next spice run."

"You want to help on the next spice run?"

"Absolutely." Takta paused. "Hold on, we need drinks." He stepped over to the bar and tapped his com unit. "TeeTee'ee? I need you to hack Jabba's computers and make it look like I owe him some big money."

Over at Advanced Spaceship Parts

"Okay, let me see what you've got in power converters for YT-1300's." TeeTee'ee says to the clerk as zer com beeps. "Yeah? You want me to what? Now? Fine... I'll see what I can do. Hold on." Ze then steps behind the counter and starts using the shop's computer.

"Excuse me, you can't do that."

"Shhh. Busy."

The teenage clerk sighs. "This is supposed to be my day off." and he taps the emergency button under the counter.

"Okay, I'm in... I can auto-approve a loan for you? 25k credits?"

"Do it." Takata answers, picking up the drinks.

"What should I do with the money?"

"Stick it in my account. Gotta go."

"Me too." TeeTee'ee clicked off.

Takata turned and walked back to the table. "Here you go. So, I'm a pretty good engineer, and have worked a ships gun a time or two."

The alien sampled the drink. "Very well. Meet me at docking bay 47 at midnight tonight." He then stood, leaning over Takata. "Don't be late."

TeeTee'ee clicked off her com unit as the sound of sirens got closer. "Thanks" zee snarked at the kid as she ran for the back door. Bursting through the door, zee turned hard, and crashed head first into a large metal dumpster, and the world went black.

"Welcome, welcome! Come in, come in!" the four-eyed alien grinned at Teyla, Davessi, and Em-Dee as they entered his Discount Medical Supply Depot. All around the shop floor were a mixed racks of tools, equipment, and most importantly to the party, prosthetics. Glancing at the one-legged Davessi leaning heavily on Em-Dee, it asked "Is there anything I can help you with?"

"We're looking for a prosthetic for her." Teyla nods at Davessi.

"I have everthing you might be looking for, from prosthetic forheads to wear on your real forehead, to replacement limbs. I've had a rush on tentacle style tails, but still have a few in the back."

"I need a leg!" Davessi snapped.

"One that is medically safe to attach" Em-Dee added, looking at the various things hanging in clear plastic bags. "Very little of this looks new..."

"New? Eh... some of it has been gently used, some acquired in fire sales, or overstock clearout..."

"Or out of the back of a transport?" Davessi asked.

"What?! No!!" the alien's eyes we're all wide with innocence and indignant insult.

"Of course, this is all completely legal merchandise. No one is suggesting otherwise."

The alien's body relaxed, and it grunted, cleared it's throat, and said "Of course not. Of course... Though, none of the items are currently covered by manufacturer's warranty, you understand. The nature of their acquisition..."

"Of course" Teyla nodded in agreement.

"Lower limbs are this way." the alien waved at a section of wall. "There are a large variety of styles to choose from. Everything from simple unpowered mechanical limbs to fully articulated neural interfaced varieties with embedded power cores and an array of add-on options."

After looking at various options, Davessi settled on a mechanical cerami-steel blade style with stiletto heel.

TeeTee'ee's voice was tinny over the com "I've been arrested."

"What? For what?" Takata

"For going behind the counter and using the computer at Advanced Spaceship Parts to... for you. So come get me." Ze then gave the lockup location.

After paying the desk officer a bribe, TeeTee'ee was released into her custody. "Come on, we need to get back to the ship and ready for tonight."

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