Monday, December 28, 2015

Star Wars: Pirates, Smugglers, Tramp Freighters & Murderers

This session was held on 12/4. Yup, more than a month since the previous session...

Teyla, Minor Jedi, daughter of a moderately influential crime lord (Hanna)
21B-Em-Dee, medical droid, tasked to monitor Teyla by the crime lord (Allison)
Takata, Smuggler, owner of the Decade Pigeon (YT-1300) in debt to the crime lord (Erik)
TeeTee'ee, ship's engineer/tinkerer (Nadia)
Mal, Bounty Hunter (Julia)
Davessi Frey, Space Pirate (Mollie)
Cass, Rich Guy (NPC)

Back at the Decade Pigeon, Takata explains the plan to the rest of the crew, disabling the ship's engine that Jabba's spice is going out on, the DP swoops in takes the spice and sells it/gives it to Teyla's dad. Teyla wants to know who's going to fly the Pigeon? TeeTee'ee says zee's got it. Zee's the ship's engineer, so who better?

As Takata is leaving the ship, Cass stumbles into the docking bay bleeding and bruised. Em-Dee takes him back into the ship and works its magic while Teyla awkwardly tries to avoid looking at or talking to him.

Takata heads to docking bay 47. There's a large hairy alien standing in the door. It grunts at her. She explains what she's doing there. It grunts again. Takata nods, waits, and they look at each other. Finally Takata sidles past and into the bay. A Ghtroc class tramp freighter takes up the whole of the bay. The stars of the outer rim sparkle above. The Devaronian waiting by the ramp gestures at her, and orders her aboard. Takata heads right for the engineering compartment, and begins to try to take over, pissing off the Gamorian engineer that was already in there. He snorts in anger and stomps out, giving Takata a chance to muck about. The captain returns, explains Takata's position on board (bottom).

Meanwhile, back on the Pigeon, TeeTee'ee gets things warmed up and ready to go. Zee grins at Teyla "You know she's never actually let me fly the Pigeon before!" and pulls back on the flight control, promptly backing the ship into the side of the docking bay. After the various things knocked loose from the crash stop rolling around, TeeTee'ee says "oops" and pushes the flight control forward, only remembering to adjust the altitude control at the very last nano-second, preventing them from crashing into the opposite wall. Unfortunately the forward landing strut didn't survive the takeoff, nor did the 3 buildings that were clipped on the way out.

Back in space, Jabba's spice ship runs into engine problems, and drops out of hyperspace in the middle of nowhere. Takata makes repairing the ship as difficult as possible for the Gamorian, until he gets so frustrated that he just tosses her out of the engine compartment. The Decade Pigeon shows up, and opens fire with the turrets on the ship, and then Mal fires the BFG. The spice ship begins to break apart! The crew rushes to the 2 escape pods. They're swept up by The Pigeon, and the first pod opened. The single occupant cowers in terror. Mal and Davessi blast him, then close the hatch and toss it back into space. The next pod is opened up, and with numerous blasters pointed into they call out demanding they give up the girl. Takata is pushed out, and again Mal, Davessi, and TeeTee'ee blast them away before closing the hatch and jettisons that pod too. Teyla's objections to the needless violence are overruled by Davessi. She points out (as an experienced pirate) that you never let them see your faces and live. Especially when part of a large criminal organization!

Teyla goes down to the cargo hold to capture the various boxes of cargo the other ship had, however the lack of a tractor beam and/or grappling hook proves a problem. Sighing, she puts her hand to her head, and uses the force to bring the boxes aboard. Meanwhile, the pirate Davessi drops down into the lower turret and blasts the two escape pods.

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