Thursday, December 10, 2015

Old Friends

"Commander Jerald!" The smooth faced General Kevron called out across the courtyard. The heads of the city guardsmen milling about during the change of shift turned to look at either the general or the commander, and an opening in the crowd formed between the men.

Jerald took a deep breath. "Yes sir!" he replied as he walked to his *superior* officer.

"Commander Jerald, we've received numerous reports that the goblins have been harassing the good citizens of the city."

"According to the Duke, the goblins *are* good citizens of the city."

"The Duke say's they're citizens, but they're in no way the good citizens of our fair city. They smell, they're dirty, they can barely speak..." The general spit dramatically to the side. "They need to be kept in their place if they're to be allowed to live within the walls."

Jerald looked impassively at the general without reply.

After a too long pause, the general continued "As I said, there have been complaints, and you seem to be able to communicate with them, so I'm assigning you to deal with it."

"Very well sir, I'll speak with them."

"I don't want you to speak with them, I want you to tell them. And when they don't listen, and continue to harass our good citizens, I want you to deal with them."

"I understand sir."

"Good. Dismissed."

"I'm sorry Bugits. I'd hoped when the Duke made his declaration that things would go more smoothly."

"We're different than you. It will take time my friend. Probably time that neither of us will see the end of, but it'll happen."

"Not if the general and his ilk have their way."

"We were able to slay the Warlock of the Stormcrow Peaks, break up the Sisterhood of Blood, and drive off Vithorax The Red. Together. Human and Goblin, together."

"And how often did we get run out of villages and towns between our adventures?"

"Too often. Yet we're here now. Your Duke has allowed us to live here, because of you."

"I couldn't have done it alone."

"No, but if you hadn't told the truth, you might be general."

"And you and yours wouldn't be able to life here."

"This is truth. You're good at that, truth telling. Come, have dinner. Grilka would love to have you in."

"Another time. I'm on duty tonight."

"Another time then. Be well Jerald."

"Be well Bugits."


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