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The Witching Hour Approaches!

This is my favorite time of year... The heat of summer has past, the leaves are turning on the trees, apple cider is in the stores, and it's still too early to be thinking about Christmas. It's the perfect time to hit the trail, pick a pumpkin, and sit by a fire in the chill of the evening...

With Halloween fast approaching, it's also time to turn the blog over to the ghosts, ghouls, and other things that go bump in the night! Some will be revisits of old posts, some updated monster for 5e, and some appropriately themed minis.

To kick it off, here's something from way back in the first year of my blog...

"The Witch of the Deep is an enigmatic figure found in a dark corner of the dungeon, with powers not well understood.  But she is powerful, make no mistake.  That's why those who lair near her fear her.  How she makes use of that power is why they respect and call upon her.  She's something of a fortune teller, and whenever the locals are about to do anything they feel may be dangerous, they check with her first." The bearded man paused to wet his lips with the ale before him.  "If you're going to go see her, you'll want to be prepared.  She'll appear in one of three guises: A fair maiden in the blush of her youth, a pleasant matron, and an old crone.  You'll need to treat her differently depending on how you find her.  As a maid she is selfish and a little cruel.  Bring her gifts and flatter her.  As a matron she'll be more inclined to be helpful, especially to those who appear younger than her.  As a crone she'll be crotchety but lonely.  Don't let her attitude put you off."  He paused, a look of anguish washed over his face.

"Anything else you can tell us?" Feris asked.

"Yeah, if you're looking for something, talk to her.  Little goes on without her notice, but don't expect the answers to be clear.  She occasionally makes potions and charms, if she's kindly disposed.  And sometimes she wants things, and is willing to trade.  Don't cross her though... her curses are most potent."

"We thank you for your help" Allianora said, sliding the pouch of coins across the table. She and her companions stood, and left the man to his drink.

"Poor bastard" Nimble said as they walked away.

The Witch of the Deep 

Armor Class: 6
Hit Dice: 8* (M)
Move: 90' (30')
     Fly: 240' (80')
Attacks: 1 weapon or 1 spell + Special
Damage: 1d6 or by spell + Special
No. Appearing: 1 (1)
Save As: MU8
Morale: 9
Treasure Type: F, N
Intelligence: 18
Alignment: Neutral
XP Value: 1,750

Type: Humanoid (Unique)
The Witch of the Deep will appear in one of 3 guises.  Depending on which guise appears her spell list and special abilities will vary.  Every time she is encountered roll 1d6, on a 1-2 the maid will appear, on a 3-4 the matron, and on a 5-6 the crone.  No matter the guise, she will always be garbed in black robes and equipped with a variety of items, including a broom of flying, which she can attack with for 1d6 points of damage. Her cauldron will always be lit and full, and she wont hesitate to add anyone who attacker her to it's contents.  The Witch can curse 1 opponent per round (as per the remove curse* spell), in addition to attacking, but not spell casting.  Her lair is also protected by a green Amber Golem.

The Witch also has the ability to read fortunes - see note below.

At the DM's discretion the Witch may have a variety of potions, scrolls, charms, minor miscellaneous magic items available for trade.  She will never accept cash for these items. 

The Maiden is a young looking (early teens) creature seemingly sweet but with a cruel and selfish streak a mile wide.  She knows she is better than you are, and isn't afraid to share that information.  Really, that's the only thing she shares well.  Her reactions will be improved with the offering of a sufficiently pretty gift, but only for that encounter.  She quickly "forgets" earlier gifts.  She can cast spells as an 8th level magic user and has access to the following spells: 1st Charm Person, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Sleep, 2nd Detect Invisible, ESP, Invisibility, Locate Object, Phantasmal Force, 3rd Clairvoyance, Dispel Magic, Hold Person, Protection from Evil 10', 4th Charm Monster, Confusion, Polymorph Other, and Remove Curse. 

The Matron will always be smiling, but it can be a dangerous smile.  She will offer anyone not openly hostile a cup of tea.  While she is far more willing to assist those who come to her than the Maid, she expects that her price for any assistance is paid in full.  She casts spells as an 8th level cleric.

The Crone is old, tired, and crotchety.  Above all that however she is lonely, and if visitors can get past her attitude, they'll find her the kindest of the 3, but if they upset her, her curses are also the worst.  She is more likely to give more than she gets in return for those who have not upset her.  The crone casts spells as an 8th level druid.

Reading Fortunes
The witch will tell the fortune of those who ask and are willing to pay for it.  The price can vary from some cash to hens teeth.  Each of the aspects uses a different method for fortune telling.  The Maid uses cards, the Matron reads tea leaves, and the Crone has a bag of bones.  For everyone who has their fortunes told, roll a 1d6.  The witch's current reactions toward the players will provide a -1 (for poor reactions) to +1 (for positive reactions) adjustment to the roll!  On a 1or 2 roll use the Negative chart for the appropriate aspect.  3or 4 the Neutral chart, and on a 5 or 6 roll on the Positive chart.  Any curse like effects can only be removed by a caster of 12th level or greater due to the Witch's power.

Maid - Positive
1 Roll again on Maid Neutral
2 Earn double XP for next monster defeated
3 Gain +1 to next save
4 Gain +1 to damage for next 24 hours
5 Gain +1 to hit for next battle
6 Gain 2d6 Temporary Hit Points
7 Gain permanent +1 to Charisma
8 Roll again on Matron Positive

Maid Neutral
1 Roll again on Maid Negative
2 Suffer -1 to hit for next 24 hours
3 Reroll next save, keep 2nd
4 Next to hit roll that is a 1 weapon breaks
5 Next to hit roll that is a 20 inflicts double damage
6 Next gem found is 50/50 worthless or double value
7 Gain +1 to damage for next 24 hours
8 Roll again on Maid Positive

Maid Negative
1 Roll again on Crone Negative
2 Suffer an extra point of damage from all attacks for next 24 hours
3 Suffer -10% to next treasure found
4 Suffer -50% to next treasure found
5 Suffer -2 to hit next 24 hours
6 Suffer -2 to all saving throws next 24 hours
7 Lose 1 from Charisma permanently
8 Roll again on Maid Neutral

Matron Positive
1 Roll again on Matron Neutral
2 Learn the location of a minor magical treasure
3 Wandering monsters reduced 50% next 24 hours
4 Gain +2 to detecting secret doors next 24 hours
5 Gain +1 to AC next 24 hours
6 Restore previous/ignore next energy drain
7 Gain permanent +1 to Constitution
8 Roll again on Crone Positive

Matron Neutral
1 Roll again on Matron Negative
2 No healing for the next 24 hours
3 Suffer -1 to all healing next 24 hours
4 Perishables spoil over next 24 hours (potions included)
5 Gain +1 to hit +2 to damage next 24 hours
6 Gain +1 to all healing next 24 hours
7 Gain 6 temporary hit points
8 Roll again on Matron Positive

Matron Negative
1 Roll again on Maid Negative
2 Reroll all failed wandering monster checks, +1 wandering monsters encountered
3 Suffer -1 to detecting secret doors
4 50% of all party perishables spoil (potions included)
5 No healing next 7 days!
6 Lose 1 from Constitution permanently
7 Map to magic treasure, doesn't mention trap or guardians
8 Roll again on Matron Neutral

Crone Positive
1 Roll again on Crone Neutral
2 Earn double XP next 24 hours
3 Location of a magical treasure and info about traps/guardians
4 Gain +2 to AC for next 24 hours
5 Learn the weakness of an upcoming monster
6 Gain permanent +1 to Wisdom
7 Gain 1 potion of healing + 1 random potion "Hmm… here, you'll need these"
8 Roll again on Maid Positive

Crone Neutral
1 Roll again on Crone Negative
2 Gain +1 to AC & suffer -1 to all saving throws next 24 hours
3 Gain +2 to damage & suffer -1 to hit next 24 hours
4 Reroll next to hit of either a 1 or 20
5 Torches & lanterns illuminate an extra 10', but burn twice as fast
6 Character can see in total darkness, but strong lights cause -1 to hit +1 to AC
7 Suffer -1 to Dex & Gain +1 to Strength
8 Roll again on Crone Positive

Crone Negative
1 Roll a 1d6+1 twice on this chart!!
2 Prime requisite reduced by half for the next 24 hours
3 All wandering monster encounters are with max creatures for 1 week
4 Suffer -4 to all reaction rolls next 24 hours
5 Character will go blind & deaf over the next 4 days
6 Character will lose half their hit points permanently
7 Lose 1 from prime requisite permanently
8 Roll again on Crone Neutral

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