Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Magic Item: Red Water

"Are you ready?" Dzo asked the assembled herd kneeling around the pit of the Death Worms.

"We are" their voices answered in unison.

"Then take this vessel, taste of the Red Water." Dzo handed the jug to the first kneeling figure. His large brown eyes watched as the pitcher was brought up to the supplicant's lips, and the water flowed over them. The pitcher was lowered, and passed to the next figure. The first gave a slight cough, and then fell forward into the pit.

"His mind was not ready." Dzo said sadly, watching the worms investigating the body.

The second figure trembled as the pitcher came up to his lips.

Potion: Red Water

This potion opens the imbiber’s mind, unlocking mental powers... if they survive the experience. Anyone drinking this potion must make a saving throw vs poison or die. Every attempt to drink another Red Water after the initial attempt suffers a cumulative -3 penalty to the saving throw. The powers gained are rolled randomly, and are per the spell description unless noted otherwise.

  1. Speak with Animals
  2. Telepathy - can take no other actions
  3. ESP
  4. Remove Fear
  5. Cause Fear
  6. Charm Person
  7. Detect Magic
  8. Detect Invisible
  9. Unseen Servant
  10. Knock (non-magical locks only)
  11. Produce Fire
  12. Mind Blast (1d4 damage/2 levels, roll to hit or auto hit but take half the damage inflicted)
  13. Clairvoyance
  14. See Through Animal Eyes
  15. Dark Vision
  16. Pyrotechnics
  17. Player's Choice
  18. Roll Twice on this chart, funky physical change (DM's choice), ignore rolls of 18+
  19. Roll Three times on this chart, -2 Str, Con, Cha, ignore rolls of 18+
  20. Roll again on this chart, ignore rolls of 18+, +2 to Int or Wis

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